August General Meeting Minutes

August Approved Minutes

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association General Meeting Thursday, August 12, 2010

Southeast Uplift, 3534 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214

Board Members Present: Reuben Deumling, Paul Loney, Jane Pullman, Michele Gila,

Tim Brooks, Chuck Lawrence, Bill Stites, Heather Wilson, Gina Binole

Neighbors and Guests: Lee Greer, Al Stern, Esteban Camacho, Allen Field, Taro Tomisawa, Doug Klotz, Elinor Friedberg, Karl Blume, Peter Hutkins, Thalis Begun, Kirk Baillie, Daniel Fogg, Kevin Levy, Blaine Bartholomew, John Barker, Phaedra Cole, Kate Schoninger, Carmen Viciconte, Lee Silverman, Matt Pearson, Steven Topp, Shiho Ikeda, Natsumi Hata, Naobumi Yamada, Michael Gray, Charlotte Kemp, Katherine Anderson, Ken Diener, Diane Phillips, SE Hayes

1. Introductions

2. Approve Agenda- Approved

3. Clearwire – Reuben reviews the state of affairs. One LUTC meeting. Steven Topp is here with 2 other reps from C’Wire.

(Bill interjects with reminder on timer)

Facility in the general neighborhood is proposed. 29/Yamhill. No photo sims at initial meeting then went to Topp. Looked about for alternate location at 32/Yamhill. Had meeting with neighbors and took tour of both sites. Outside power station amendable with PGE. Relative height. flush mount at top. no shroud. Can add if desired. Equip. cab NOT in yard. Right of way in vault, adjacent to. Underground in the street in vault. He said 91′ won’t require another meeting to meet requirement of City. WHAT IS LOCATION? asks Reuben. On street outside fenced compound. SE asks if construction has started. NO. Katherine asks about dimension of pole and what is ‘shrouding’. Pole 21″ diameter at top. 6″ antenna on 3 sides. “or might be more”. Verified 3 from C’wire engineer. Microwave dish antenna on top of that. Photos sims will be circulated by request. What color? painted brown or rusted oxidation. 24″ at bottom. WHY in RES? Poles are way shorter on Belmont and can only go up 15′ from there so signal won’t work. 45% of ht of pole or 15 feet, whichever is less. Heather clarifies base diameter. Says photo is out of line. “I THINK” is his answer. Might be bigger. Rambled on about pole replacement. Reuben clarifies on SE question about the ratio for height of poles.

Fellow C’Wire person chimes in about amount of signal. If shorter pole they’d have to go 2 sites, so to keep it 1 pole, it’s tall. Reuben asks about height of building install. Said it’s specific to location. Reuben asks if space on the poles going to be leased to others. Topp says THEY won’t lease but PGE owns the pole. Possibility to grow with more. Gina asks about customer gas on future growth in various neighborhoods. NO INFO he says. Topp has no idea what their customer base is. In order to have on site it must be 90′. How far with next pole? “Hole in the systems” is the engineer response. Talks about each location to be specifically different. But the math still doesn’t make a difference.

Tim brings up 2 small pole idea. In the interest of n’hood friendly, why not 2 shorter poles along Belmont? Tim clarifies that it hasn’t been looked at and doesn’t know if it would work or not. C’wire gal says PGE says they can’t add to poles that wire transmit or criss cross. Tim points out again that  it appears it hasn’t been explored. ‘system is highly designed’ and have to integrate into our existing system. Must be precise, says Engineer. Jane asks about demise of C’wire. Who will take down poles. Topp says they’ll be removed. Performance Bond on all poles. Topp asks if antenna or both the pole. They will lease pole from PGE. C’wire is subsidiary of Sprint. Reubuen asks to be kept in the loop.

4. Safeway Remodel. Ken Deener joins and Diane Phillips. Astoria model, as typical Safeway store, peaked roof, fuel station. parking lot. Since then they have gone to the more urban design…Lloyd center etc… Tried to bring in elements they’ve seen around, tile, arches, brick, low profile. More urban. Comes right to street, no set back. NE corner of site remains at Hawthorne.  29th & 27th access underground parking. Truck traffic comes through signal at 27th and exits site on Hawthorne. Bike parking question by Jane & Doug from  Richmond also commented on more bike parking needed. Diane says she can get us that info. Added bike parking at each entry + covered bike parking. Jane clarifies to ask for wanting more bike parking…are they amenable to adding more? Diane says they are in full compliance with BDS codes. Starbucks will be at the one corner with indoor and outdoor seating, on property, not on right of way. 56000 sf will be new store. Katherine asks bout crime prevention through environmental design. And if they can be involved to look at plans about congregating around existing site. Once it’s built then it’s hard to change. Diane said they are open to suggestions.Parking lot will close when store closes. Says they are cleaning up the back. Apologizes. Hoping to clean that up and Maxi lighting. Katherine brings up light pollution. Tim asks if they are going to look at green roof. She said no not in this location. “Business” reasons “Not here”. Tim mentions PR would support Ecoroof. Tim says this would be a good experiment. Heather asks if structure could support Ecoroof. “I don’t know” says Diane. Paul asks about crime prevention regarding bottle and can return. IN basement/garage. Green standards at all? Recycling materials. Taking grease containers and testing them indoors to recycle. Eliminating compactors and recycling more materials. Buys offsets for trucks/wind power. Parking access on 27th across from Funeral Home. Window/door opening is larger. It’s a daylite corner because it follows the level of the street.

5. Hawthorne Open. Kevin Levy. Sep 19th could move if need be to another date. 62 houses in Hawthorne District. SEUL allows a booth in parking lot if a non-profit will sponsor his project.  Making map for biking route of the Open. Refreshments. Reuben asks about sponsorship. Needs non-profit sponsorship. Wants SNA sponsorship. Are is roughly SE 30th-SE 50th, Stark-Division. It’s coming up for Richmond Assn and their issue is coming up with guidelines. How do you get around underlying issue of non-profit. We use SEUL non-profit status. So it doesn’t really make sense. Reuben confirms that ours doesn’t exist. Kevin doesn’t know that PMAR is a non-profit after Michele suggests asking them for sponsorship. Kevin wants an announcement in newsletter. SEUL non profit purpose…is this consistent. FOR PROFIT concerns. We get the spirit.  Michele asks Kevin to talk later about going to PMAR.

6. Formation of working group for SES…

Reuben preamble. Just an idea.  Use/access.: Parties, School, pps, parks, occasionally SNA and lesser degree “just neighbors”. Overall process less than idea. Marlys was notified of our objection to process. Motion to convene a smaller group of folks who live here, use park, send kids there etc…interested in the continuation of it remaining a park. City Level agencies not a part of the effort. That’s the idea because they don’t seem to take local input. Jane asks for clarification on concept. How it will be utilized? Reuben points out not everyone is happy with the way things are happening now. Thinking long term of livability…a group to get together without purpose, but just to talk and have open communication about the on-going issues with Parks or PPS hijacking the purpose. Gina thinks without purpose how could it be a committee, but perhaps rather quarterly coffee meeting. Bill echoes the quarterly coffee in neutral location. Heather asks if it could then be an agenda item on regular meetings. At least these meetings bring us together and have room for more contribution from those not so in the loop. Jane likes idea. Face to face. Mending. Tim clarifies that this process wasn’t hijacked by PPS or Parks. But by others. George Slanina mentions this past board elections and neighbor turn-out…community interest in that issue. Neighbor asks for mediation assistance possibility. MAS confused about boulders. Very upset. Path is clear and patrolled and watched. Boulders are dangerous in her opinion. Church’s children’s club is upset. Jeff Milkes is working his best to work with regular users. PPS and Principal needs to place more staff on playground if the final thought.

7. Committee Reports

Sustainability – focusing on emergency preparedness. Talk to Jane or Jeanne or Reuben for more.

Crime – photos supplied by Chuck of before and after for graffiti removal.

LUTC- no agenda items this month. 2 new liquor apps at hawthorne hop house 4111 Hawthorne. Just starting to delve into that. East half of IABP…looks like changed owners to Sunnyside Outhouse. Outdoor patio under consideration for outdoor seating until midnite. Not as upscale.

SEUL – Jane. 8/2 staff meeting for SEUL put together work plan for a strategic direction. Encouraging board to develop a work plan. Jane walked away with a How could SNA take advantage of SEUL offerings and how can we work together to make better use of the resources? What would be helpful to SNA to bring from those meetings and what can Jane bring to them. Seeking better connection.

8. Minutes. June Minutes. No changes. Jane moves to approve General minutes. Bill 2nd. Motion carries.

July – Jane moves approval . Lee 2nd. Motion carries.

9. Announcements. Gina says Kern Hery’s daughter and friends are providing babysitting for NA. Starting in September. Gets service hours through SES. Karen also getting the word out regarding Back to School Exchange in basement of church.

Esteban. Looking for support for his art project. Wants to work with Richmond, Laurelhurst, SNA and SEUL for mural project on Hawthorne Fred Meyer. Premise that FM started in OR. Portland Commission of HIspanic Affairs in support. Fruit Picking and employees organizing produce and customers buying. To show the circle of where the food comes from. Wants to hear our thoughts. Allen says at RNA we talked about planting trees at that sidewalk. Wants to propose native vegetation to go with this theme of agriculture. Did a mural at PSU LEED building at school of social work. Wants a letter of support then will work via email for design approval. Pear is one of the sponsors of the project. They are the ones organizing the hispanic youth. Reuben hopes for help with Rodolfo for letter in newsletter for our Sep. meeting. Involves Ceasr Chavez mural. Will it get into the politics? He wants our feedback. Mural will show the history. On agenda for next month. Jane states support. Kevin Levy hugely supports.

Katherine Anderson. Crime prevention program. Prescription drug turn in. Environmental impact concerns…proper disposal so not abused by others. Gateway Fred Meyer collection site. September 18th 10-4. She’ll have something ready for newsletter.

BIll SHIFT list organizing a memorial for Thurs 19th at 6:45. Would be his 40th b-day. Died at 28th. 37/Taylor. 7:15 Ride of Silence.

George. Question for board. Are we going to take a position on the C’Wire pole?

Alan August 21st. Richmond. Movies in the Park Silent Film. Sewallcrest Park. The Lost World. In 1991 Baghdad to do annual fundraiser for Richmond and SNA and so it’s being negotiated for this to happen. Terms of contract distributed to neighbors present. Split the cost between RNA & SNA. RNA wrote the $375 on Monday. Needs $187 from SNA. Sep. 19th Gulliver’s Travels. $10 tickets. Fundraiser for both NAs. 187 people to break even. 600 capacity theater. Press releases/slides at all McMens. No guarantee to band. MAS moves to support. Paul says Out of Order. Paul moves to adjourn meeting.

Meeting Adjourned.

July 9, 2010 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order 8:25

1. Approve agenda, minutes – tabled until next meeting

2. Actions on Blair Community Garden? – no actions to take

3. Time management during meetings – ideas – Need to be equitable and fair, particularly to people showing up later in the agenda. Talked about various time-keeping items, chimes, clocks, timekeepers, etc. Just say in the beginning of the meeting, for the sake of equity. Bill made a motion that we start using a timer set for each section, agenda item, based on the pre-written amount and that’s a simple guide to keep us on time. We will check in on time in a few months and guide our progress. We indicate during general announcements. Heather seconded the motion. The only caveat Jane mentioned would be that to be too rigid, would not be good. Need to have some flexibility if emotions are running high and not just cut people off. Tim abstained.

4. Finance subcommittee report does not exist because it has not met. Would like to support the Fresh Exchange, but hesitant to do so without this report. Let’s not discuss this further if we’re not going to do anything with it. One option is contingent is that provided that the committee says we’re OK, the board would like to support this at some level.

5. Sponsorship of Fresh Exchange for One Month. Will table this until the committee comes up with its guidelines. The finance committee will come up with a date before we leave this room to meet.

6. Newsletter articles —

7. Other Business – mason jars – Bill will bring it up to BABA, this land is our land sponsored by SEUL, 7 p.m. Thursday the 29th. WAMA just be aware.SEUL handbook, how to make the meetings are more friendly. If people feel like they can’t come, can’t find a sitter. A volunteer opportunity to participate. Would check that out. Advertised in back-to-school things.

8. Adjourn

July 9, 2010 General Meeting Minutes

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association General Meeting

Thursday, July 9, 2010

Southeast Uplift, 3534 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214 Board Members Present: Tim Brooks, Reuben Deumling, Chuck Lawrence, Bill Stites,

Heather Wilson, Jane Pullman Board Members Absent: Michele Gila, Paul Loney,

Neighbors and Guests: Karen Hery, Spikos Koyanis, Masaye Hoshide, Mike Boeder, Anna Halpin, Bill Wheeler, Martha Wheeler, MaryAnn

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m.

1. Welcome / Introductions

2. Approve agenda and minutes: With only four board members present initially, those here agreed to delay this item until later in the evening.

3. Fresh Exchange – Thursday Buckman Market (Anna Halpin) Anna shared organic strawberries. It is a fund that increases low-income access to the Farmer’s Market. It is volunteer-based, in conjunction with SE Uplift. It is dollar for dollar match up to $5 with Buckman Dollars. People on food stamps can swipe their credit cards and say they want $20 to buy. They can buy fresh fruits, vegetables and plant starts. It is neighbors feeding neighbors and feedback has been extremely positive to date. Data for 8 of 10 markets, averaging $188 per market out of fresh exchange. Highest match has been about $275. Anna needs money to sustain the program through the Season (Sept. 23). Asking 4 neighborhood associations around the market if they could sponsor, and the request is for $280. SNA could advertise, wear T-shirts, send out info about upcoming events. We would announce that this particular market is being sponsored by the neighborhood association. The need is great. The next market is July 19. She would like to partner with a neighborhood association and try and obtaingrant funding. Anna is willing to write the grant, which opens in August, and it would be funds for next season. Reuben said it would be a qualified maybe, and we will discuss during our board meeting. We have not yet set our budget, discussed charitable contributions, etc. Will confer with the outgoing chair on how to deal with grants. Reuben asked Anna to write up an article for the newsletter.

4. p:ear – public art/strengthen community/mentor youth (Rodolfo Serna) Rodolfo was not present to discuss this item

5. Belmont Street Fair (John Barker) John Barker was not present to discuss this item. But Tim spoke on his behalf. The date is Sunday, Sept. 12. It is 10 to 5, same general format. The main change physically is more space for kids and areas off of Belmont, like the parking lot off of 34th and expanded coverage down Belmont, possibly going as far as 37th. Bill’s going to do the neighborhood green again. The size was right 24- foot circle. Alternative transportation is going to be human-powered or bike-centric. Jane mentioned she had a conversation with Za Zen owner, and she would like to note that her business was hurt by the booth set up last year. Karen provided a description in the kid’s area modeled after the swapshop. The opening up of the whole parking lot, so the Roost can be recreated as well as the Swap shop space. The Roost is for teens, the SwapShop for toddlers. DoJump also will have a big square space, so kids can come in and experience juggling, and play around with their stuff. The SwapShop will grow into the space.

6. Mural – Two Rivers Aikikai (Masaye Hoshide) Masaye would like a mural painted on the front of the building. We were hoping to put a new one on the front and apply for a grant with SE Uplift that are on the side of the building and add lighting because they get tagged. The grant will help clean them up and put new protectant on the top. They’re hoping to convey a sense of peacefulness and relaxation on that busy intersection. They don’t need financial support, but basically support for the mural itself. Two Rivers Aikikai is a non-profit association, martial arts, dosha (sp?) and has been around more than 20 years. Also have received support from BABA. Have put the word out to neighbors as well. Also working with local artist, Christa Brinn (sp?) Bill commented that he thinks it looks great. They’re trying to leverage financing and reach out to paint supply stores to see if they can donate some of the materials. The

artist itself teaches and rents out our space for yoga a couple of times a week, so she’s going to lower her rates as well. Gina made a motion to support the mural and its intentions. Heather seconded. Reuben read a note of support written by him as SNA president.

7. Update on Blair Community Gardens (Tim Brooks) BCG is located south of Stark St. and just west of 30th. It’s taken 5 years since the land was secured to coordinate. The neighborhood has raised $2000. The community gardens association has raised $2000 and Laurelhurst has raised $2000. Tim says he was hoping for a date, but it might be donated soil, donated hazelnut chips for paths, but as soon as the last piece comes together, a grand opening date will be set. Tim says they’ll publicize it in the SNA newsletter. We have enough money, with the beds, water source and commitment to upgrade the shed, there is no need for phasing. The board wondered how soon will people be contacted that there will be space available for that? Tim says if you were part of the former garden years ago, you’d be contacted first, then if you’re on the general community garden list and local and then others. They are hopeful we might be able to reserve a plot for members of the Laurelhurst Village themselves to keep it inter-generational. Mary Ann is delighted to hear it’s finally coming into play, but how can they do that without talking to parks

8. Committee Reports

Sustainability –Has not met. Reuben says they are shifting the committee’s focus to emergency preparedness for a while and will be reporting back on that in the newsletter and other news.

Land-Use and Transportation—Has not met, but Bill mentioned the meeting on Monday. It is now the second Monday of each month, which is a change. The big item is ClearWire tower, which is equivalent of a 10-story building. is the URL of a group that has formed specifically to oppose these towers. Big meeting on July 29 that’s this land is your land. A huge issue because our public land is disappearing, according to Mary Ann. Mary Ann also mentioned people have until Monday July 12, to appeal the Sunnyside Environmental School’s portable classrooms. Bill says as far as he

knows the board doesn’t have a position. Paul wrote a letter registering our interest in the issue but has registered no comment.

Crime Prevention – Chuck reported he has had a lot of trouble at Jay’s market at 48th & Belmont, had to repaint the whole East Wall. People keep hitting it constantly, but he says he is not aware of any crime issues in the neighborhood.

Southeast Uplift – They only had one agenda item today to elect their officers, according to Jane. Brian Agee is their new chair, vice-chair is Jeff West, Secretary was Julie Radcliffe, Treasurer is Pete Jacobsen. Then they went out there and ate ice cream.

9. Approve minutes – Delayed until Michele’s return.

10. Next meeting on Aug. 12

11. Announcements – George — Employment Self help it’s our one-year anniversary. He says they started with six people and now total about 16. He says there is a great need for us to help us out. Mary Ann mentioned SNA has donated tile for the Children’s Club necessitate by an overflow and asbestos abatement and have only been able to raise $2,500. So with our Belmont Street Fair coming up, maybe we could put up Mason Jars up and down the street, possibly SNA helping jumpstart those coffers. Concerts in the park announcement.

12. Adjourn

June 10, 2010 Board Of Directors Minutes

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

Approved Minutes

June 10, 2010

Board Meeting Called to order at 8:15pm Draft Minutes got passed around

Action Items: Seat elected Board members: Paul Loney, Gina Binole, Heather Wilson, Bill Stites

Select officers, committee chairs.

Street Fair: (John Barker) John reads a proposal to be a co-sponsor of the Street Fair. The NA has done the music. John needs a volunteer coordinator. Booths will only be on Belmont. There will be 134 booths. Street will be blocked at ??? John needs 20 volunteers for 3 hour shifts to handle questions and keep people happy.

Planning meeting for the Street Fair will be 7 at Hoda’s on June 30th.

Reuben moves and Gina seconds to have the SNA be a co-sponsor. Approved unanimously.

Co-sponsor banners: Heidi shows us the new logo. Will have 40 banners from a grant for Belmont from 12th to 60th. Zupan’s pledged $4000 for the banners and BABA put in $4000.

Heather makes a motion that we co-sponsor the banners; heather seconded.

Reuben asks what the 8,000 pays for. Making the banners, hardware, mounting them, insurance.

Sponsorships for Mt. Tabor Concerts. We sponsored last year for $250.

Reuben moves to sponsor $250 for the concert series. Bill asks about the budget that was supposed to have been done. Reuben says we have not developed a budget.

Heather asks if the subcommittee can meet before the next board meeting. Reuben and Jane can meet. Tim is out of town. We will try.

Motion was made and approved to contribute $250. Motion passed with one abstention. Heather abstains.

Reuben is nominated as president. Elected unanimously. Michele nominates Paul Loney as vice. Elected unanimously. Michele nominated as Secretary. Passed unanimously

Jane is elected as Treasurer. Committee Chairs and liaisons.

Heather nominates Bill for BABA liaison. Heidi is Chair of BABA. Bill explains that the liaison represents the neighborhood to BABA meetings, coordinates Belmont St Fair. To raise neighborhood issues with the business district.

Bill is elected to represent at BABA.

Reuben nominates Chuck as the chair of the Crime Prevention Committee. Josh raises issue of his car being broken into and with a homeless person. He needs help to deal with homeless people respectfully. Paul says it would be good to go through Chuck.

Michele seconded the motion. Chuck is voted in.

Reuben nominates Jane and Reuben as co-chairs of the Sustainability Committee. Passed. Reuben explains that the committee has met for 3 years.

Reuben and Jane are unanimously elected.

Paul is nominated and elected as chair of Land Use and Transportation Committee. Bill is not co-chair but he handles the transportation part of it.

SEUL delegate from SN to the SEUL land use and Sustainability Committee. Paul is nominated.

SEUL Board liaison position. They meet the first Monday of the month at 7. Heather is nominated. Reuben seconds. Heather is elected.

Bill asks if there is a position on emergency preparedness. Jane is point on contact for emergency. Jane is voted in. Site council. Reuben nominates Gina for site council. Paul seconds. Both elected unanimously.

Reuben nominates Michele as Communications Coordinator – a go to person to the electronic media. Seconded by Heather. Michele is voted in. She says the the neighborhood can post to our Facebook page.

There’s a yahoo group for the SNA. Michele asks for a committee. Me and Gina volunteer.

As president, Reuben will chair the newsletter committee. Bill wants to discuss newsletter


Fundraising for school play equipment ( Heather): On the section of park under the exclusive use permit, there is space for play equipment (in NE corer). Paul suggests getting hold of Jeff Milkes to approve the play equipment. Josh will get information about the equipment behind the SEUL building.

Pre-school and home school kids should have play equipment since the NA paid for the equipment that’s used on school grounds.

Weatherization (Heather): How to weatherize your home in historic houses. Coming Year Planning is tabled for next meeting. Newsletter articles. Bill, Jane,

Approval of March’s minutes. Approved. Gina abstained. April’s Board minutes. Approved. Heather abstained. Gina abstained.

Meeting adjourned at 9:39pm

June 10, 2010 General Meeting Minutes

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association General Meeting

Approved Minutes

June 10, 2010 Southeast Uplift, 3534 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214

Board Members: Paul Loney, Reuben Deumling, Jane Pullman, Michele Gila, Bill Stites, Heather Wilson, and Gina Binole. Absent: Tim Brooks, Chuck Lawrence.

Neighbors and Guests: Karen Hery, Rachel Bloom, Zoe Pedersen, Bill & Martha Wheeler, Matt Wickstrom, Heidi (last name?), Lee Greer, Josh Palmer, Dana Berterman (?), Jeanne Longley, John Barker, Mark Wheeler.

Meeting called to order at 7:03pm


Approve agenda / circulate minutes:

Motion to approved modified agenda by Michele Gila; seconded by Reuben Duemling. Modified Agenda approved.

Minutes from March and April’s General Meeting handed out for approval later in the meeting. Election Results: Gina, Reuben, Paul, Heather, elected.

Matt – Portland Plan: Circulated flyer for the 25 year plan for city. Where we are now and where we want to be in 25 years. This is a people oriented plan, such as health, public safety, equity, civic engagement, arts and culture and land use, housing etc. Lot of patrons – Mult Co, tri-met, DEQ and other bureaus and agencies.

Phase 1 at beginning of year. Vision PDX. Phase 2 workshops wrapped up 3 weeks ago about where we are heading. Survey went out to everyone in Portland. Survey came up with a list of Directions based on survey. There is a more detailed list that Matt will send. Also on This puts target number on goals to see if we are meeting goals. They are getting out into the community. Will be at Belmont St. Fair, Gay Pride, Sunday Parkways, etc. District liasons are assigned to groups that are not geographically defined, such as seniors.

Phase 3 will occur in the fall. They are developing strategies now. Intend to come up with 7 different draft strategies. In fall will be at community events and workshops. The plan will direct the City and partner agencies.

Question: When will plan be adopted? The completion would be in 2011 (see brochure).

Question: How does our spending on arts compare with other cities? Seattle and Denver spend about $7. How much success came from the last plan? Light rail was cited. This plan does what Other cities don’t do by including other things aside from transportation and

land use.

Paul says now the plan includes education, environment. They are trying to think creatively. Not a whole lot of money so they are trying to be creative.

Paul says the 20 minute neighborhood – almost everyone talked about green housing and different kinds of housing. The meeting Paul went to expressed that the 20 minutes neighborhood should be diverse.

Matt says also affordability – not just housing but also transportation.

Question: To what extent do the recommendations from the Peak Oil plan are integrated into the Portland plan? The Plan is not just new stuff. It incorporates other plans such as climate action plan, peak oil task-force, etc.

F/U Question: At some point there is the need to negotiate how different plans are arbitrated? Whose priorities get included? The Plan is learning what is important to people.

More living wage jobs Eduction Not aggressive enough on health water sheds and green.

Question: What concerns me in housing is nothing to preserve the historic character of housing. On the schools, it doesn’t’ say how to get to the goal. Does that mean tearing down? Does the plan address that the most sustainable thing is to keep the buildings rather than tearing them down? Matt says its important to provide comments.

Question: Any idea how many people are participating? 8, 000 plus 5000 plus 1800 in workshops and 75 hosted presentations. Matt said participating is been really good.

Matts email is Committee Reports

Reuben – will be meeting on Monday at 6pm. Several members of the board have been talking about incorporating more sustainability focus in our general meetings.

Are you planning of continuing the events? We are taking a break on that. We are going to help other sustainable committees with their events. Also we have presentation worked up that can be shared.

Jeanne says other neighborhoods will be having events. SE-S, neighborhood, Richmond, NW.

We will be bringing the Red Cross in to future meetings.

Question: There was an article in a newsletter about finding out how much water, electricity, gas, etc your neighbors are using. She expressed concern about people’s neighbors knowing – confidentiality. Reuben said we would be showing a graph.

Land Use and Transportation Committee: We meet the second Monday of every month at 7:30. The big issue is the Clearwire pole. They will come to our July 12th meeting at 7:30 at SEUL to show a mock up which they have to do to use a category 4 street. Hope people come because we have to show Commissioner Fritz the level of interest. Its serious because Clearwire plans to put lots of these poles in the neighborhoods. Paul explained this issue. Fritz said only 1 in 4 will be in neighborhoods. Too many!

Mary Ann Schwab is tying to get the location into the portland plan. Paul said Commissioner Fritz is not willing to take a proactive role. Irvington has 2 community groups. Ongoing liquor – Rice Junkies,

Will finalize Good Neighbor Agreement with Hall of Records. – half of what used to be It’s a Beautiful Pizza.

Cognito is going to close the back patio early. Will have live music indoors but have sound proofed. This is the other half of It’s a Beautiful Pizza.

Vegan place will be in Dixie mattress – it’s a collective. Paul said they want to go higher end. They bought the building. Bye and Bye.

Josh asks Does the committee review the cart in the empty lot next to Hoda’s? Sounds like a another cart is planning to move in.

Will Dixie Mattress be 2 places?

Karen asks if the SNA has weighed in on the portables? Paul explains we could not take a position because have not had a meeting about it yet because of timing. We did comment that any land they take up needs to be replaced. The federal grant says it has to remain open space forever. The only way to get around it is to provided the amount of open space elsewhere so the neighborhood will not loose the open space.

Rachel said on May 6th the application was deficient. She talked yesterday about the fence and the district said . . . she did not want to say. Paul said the City said the application is complete and by state law they have to send out notification but because we couldn’t

How do parents know what the status is? Paul said PPS has not been very communicative. The City said more people will be using the site and wants to know what the impact will be when you square footage. Because of a new building, it triggers a transportation study because there is more square footage.

Crime Prevention: No report.

SE UP Committee: No board report because we are in transition so we don’t have a representative. We will appoint a representative at tonight’s board meeting.

Approve Minutes: Feb– Michele moved to approve; second by heather. Minutes approved.

March – any comments? Corrections? Michele makes a motion to approve, Reuben second. Minutes approved.

April – no additions/ Reuben moves to adapt April minutes. Heather seconds. April minutes approved.

Announcements: Karen Hery. This will be the first year that the church will be on the black. We can now look at the boiler, etc. Final tenant is the metro council for the church for the whole city. They own the building so it give us more security. Karen is looking for more involvement in the useful goods exchange and the back to school exchange. Sarah Taylor has asked for them to move. Next option is to move it to the church Karen is looking for greeters. Also, Karen would like a SEUL information table. August 30th from noon to 7pm. Drop of in the morning. Last hour free. Looking for sporting gear, art supplies, binders. Its purposely a week before school starts.

Heather: From cite council. Sarah said the school will have several booths at the street fair and will give us the information for that.

Question: Anyone here on the neighborhood emergency plan?