Established in 1972, the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association is one of 94 volunteer-led neighborhood associations in Portland, Oregon. It serves an area bounded by SE Stark St and SE Hawthorne Blvd, from SE 28th Ave up to SE 49th Ave.

All residents within its boundaries are welcome to join (free of charge!) as well as non-resident property owners and representatives of businesses or organizations. Although officially managed by a volunteer board of directors, in reality its activities are initiated, led, staffed and supported by many more Sunnyside volunteers and supporters.

Read some of our most recent news below, further explore our website and newsletter archives, attend our next meeting and get involved!  If you still have questions after reading this material, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Latest News

News from the President

Happy New Year Sunnyside! 

The big news out of the SNA this month is the success of our annual clothing and gear drive to help our houseless neighbors in this cold and wet season. The event was held indoors this year on December 10th at SE Uplift (SEUL). Thank you to SEUL for providing a warm and inviting space for everyone, a big change from the wet, cold outdoors of past years! Also thank you to New Seasons, Grand Central Bakery and Fried Egg I’m in Love for your generous donations of food for our guests and volunteers. Thanks, too, to Crossroads Trading, Mix Tape, the Mountain Shop, and Next Adventure—all of which donated boxes of warm clothes or gift certificates. The biggest thanks of all goes out to our volunteers for taking the time during this busy holiday season to connect with neighbors living outside. Kudos to the SNACC team for putting together such a wonderful event!

The SNA board met on December 8th for our monthly board meeting. Emily stepped up to take over as the presiding officer for the next few months. She will be coordinating agendas and running our meetings through February. This new arrangement allows board members to share some of the responsibilities and decision-making power of the president, gain valuable experience and distribute some of the administrative burden. We talked about filling vacant, and soon-to-be vacant, positions on the board and committees as well as ways that the SNA can work to improve our diversity and equity lens in the work we do for the neighborhood. More on those topics to come!

Our next general meeting will be on January 12th. We will be talking about a proposed expansion to the greenways system in Sunnyside and a potential endorsement of Quiet Clean PDX’s quest to limit the use of gas-powered leaf blowers (see The Scourge of Gas-powered Leaf Blowers).

The SNA Needs You!

The SNA is searching for neighbors to volunteer for a number of openings on our board and committees. Volunteering with the SNA is a great way to bring about positive change in our neighborhood and city, gain new skills, and meet new friends! We are looking for volunteers for the following positions:


The Treasurer is the board officer responsible for managing the finances of the SNA. They create and certify required financial reports and give updates to the board on the financial health of the organization. They are also a board member, with all of the duties and responsibilities that entails. They may be assisted by a bookkeeper (or perform that role themself), who would be responsible for the day-to-day accounting duties like balancing the accounts, producing financial reports, preparing payments and processing donation receipts. Our current Treasurer, Vincent, will be leaving us after his term expires. The position will be up for election by the membership during our annual elections this spring.

At-Large Board Members (x2)

Board members help the SNA set a direction for the association. They participate and vote in board meetings, may be assigned to chair committees and may represent the interests of the SNA in front of the city and regional governments. 

Land-Use & Transportation Committee Chair

The chair of the Land-Use & Transportation Committee (LUTC) is responsible for representing the SNA’s interests regarding development and transportation in the neighborhood. They may coordinate with developers regarding planned buildings, testify to the city about zoning issues and variances, or work with PBOT to make our neighborhood easier to navigate on foot, bike, bus or car. The LUTC chair will give occasional reports to the board, but they do not need to be a board member or officer.

If you (or someone you know) live or work in Sunnyside and are interested in any of these positions, please reach out to [email protected] to learn more.

Sunnyside Neighborhood Community Cares (SNACC) Committee Updates

The SNACC committee will meet Thursday January 19th from 6:30–8 p.m. at Southeast Uplift. We are continuing to seek in-kind and financial donations, as well as volunteer support to sustain a new four-day shower schedule at the Sunnyside Community Center. If you are interested in volunteering, please email [email protected].

If you’d like to donate, visit for more details.