Get Involved!

Although officially managed by a volunteer board of directors, in reality the Neighborhood Association’s activities are initiated, led, staffed and supported by many more Sunnyside volunteers and supporters.

There are so many ways to get involved!

Attend one of our meetings. We always welcome fresh ideas and energy. All are welcome to participate to any of our meetings.

Help deliver our newsletter. Check the map on the last page of our most recent newsletter. Do you live near any of the blocks marked in black? We need your help! Contact [email protected] to volunteer for our delivery service.

Provide original content for our newsletter. Sunnyside residents are welcome to submit articles for consideration that concern neighborhood issues, by emailing [email protected]. Deadlines are the 15th of the month prior.

Help cleanup litter in the neighborhood. Learn more about how you can participate in Adopt-One-Block’s litter cleanup initiative.

Help provide showers for our houseless neighbors. Learn more about how you can volunteer with the Sunnyside Shower Project or make a donation to support our SNAC Committee (home of the Sunnyside Shower Project).

Advertise your local business in our newsletter. Learn more about this great way to support the neighborhood and make sure that Sunnyside residents know about your local business.

Make a donation to support our newsletter. It’s a great way to give back to the community if you don’t have the time to volunteer in person. Donations are quick and easy to make via our online portal.

Help us find advertisers for our newsletter. If anyone out there wants to help our busy board by volunteering in this role, we would appreciate your help! Contact us at [email protected].

Check some additional volunteer opportunities opened right now.