Public Endorsement Policy and Procedure

Helping connect neighbors through events and information in Portland’s Sunnyside Neighborhood.

Policy Purpose

To allow the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association to take public positions on important issues impacting residents and to assure that positions taken by the association are in alignment with our mission and strategic goals. 


This procedure applies to all issues where a public position is taken by the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association. Some of the subject areas the association may want to take a position on may include but are not limited to: 

  • Sunnyside neighborhood livability
  • Sustainability
  • Equity and inclusion 
  • Aesthetic and logistical improvements
  • Safety
  • Education


Step 1 – Individuals or organizations seeking endorsement from the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association (SNA) shall submit a written request to [email protected] for endorsement consideration. Requests should include descriptive text and any relevant documents that support the cause, see template below for reference. If the SNA Board feels that the endorsement request is relevant to the Sunnyside Neighborhood, the SNA’s President will reach out to set up an invitation to attend the next upcoming general meeting. 

Download a Public Endorsement Request Template (PDF)

Download a Public Endorsement Request Template (Microsoft Word Docx)

 Step 2 – Upon the SNA Board’s approval of the request, the Board President shall submit a summary of the request for publication in the next month’s Sunnyside newsletter. (This summary will be provided by the individual or organization requesting endorsement.) Discussion of the endorsement request will be added to the SNA’s general meeting agenda for the month following the publication of the summary. The Board President will request that a representative attends the meeting. 

Step 3 – The individual or organization seeking endorsement will have an opportunity to present the request to residents during the next general meeting and there will be room for discussion. 

Step 4 – Following the presentation and discussion, the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Membership will discuss and hold a vote to approve or deny the request. The board may also request more information, recommend changes prior to endorsement and/or table the discussion until a later date. 

Step 5 – The determination of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association will be communicated to the requesting individual or organization, in writing, by the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association board president. If approved, the board president will coordinate next steps directly or assign the task to another board member. 


The Sunnyside Neighborhood Association board reserves the right to reject any request that it considers libel, divisive or conflicts with the association’s mission or strategic plan.