SNA Volunteer Webmaster Request

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association is looking for a volunteer to help manage our WordPress-powered website. You would be responsible for basic content and administration only; no hosting, domain management, code editing or server interaction is required. You will be asked to create a few posts and pages per month including meeting minutes, agendas and committee information, and manage a Google Calendar. Newsletter articles are NOT part of this job and will continue to be handled by the NL team. Training and support, as necessary, can be provided by an experienced professional. This is a good opportunity to dip your toe in the civic waters, learn a little about websites, and meet some fun and interesting neighbors. If interested email [email protected] to learn more.

SNA Newsletter Coordinator Request

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association is looking for a volunteer to take the reins as the Sunnyside Newsletter Coordinator. The role is a monthly project management opportunity to facilitate workflow processes of rounding up article submissions by the targeted deadline, draft a work-in-progress document for the copy editor to review, and sign off to the newsletter format coordinator who sends the monthly issue to the printers. This is done with Google Shared Drive and Google Docs. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to get involved on a local level, aspiring journalist and communications professional especially, or for an individual who would like to get involved and connect with awesome folks in the community.  All ages are encouraged (15 years+). If interested email [email protected] to learn more.