Crisis and Conscience: Understanding and Responding to Portland’s Housing & Homelessness Emergency

The Sunnyside Neighborhood Association is hosting an educational event to address the challenges we face as the city continues to change. Crisis and Conscience: Understanding and Responding to Portland’s Housing & Homelessness Emergency will take the place of our October General Meeting (regular meetings will resume on Thursday, Nov. 14), and will be a directed panel discussion with a number of representatives from city agencies, community organizations, and residents; including officials from the Joint Office of Homelessness Services, Sunnyside Environmental School, Rental Providers for Positive Change, and the Portland Police Department. The panel’s goal is to discuss the causes and consequences of Portland’s now four-year long housing emergency, present direct feedback from residents, and expose neighbors to organizations and initiatives responding to the crisis.

Panelists include:

• Marc Jolin, Joint Office of Homelessness Services Director
• Mike Krantz, Portland Police Department Central Commander
• Amy Kleiner, Sunnyside Environmental School Principal
• Erin Martin, United Methodist Church District Superintendent
• Vince Masiello, Compassionate Change District Peer Advocate
• Edith Casterline, Rental Providers for Positive Change
• Ellen Greaney, LCSW, CADCIII, CODA, Multnomah Co. Health Dept.
• Tremaine Clayton, Portland Fire & Rescue Community Healthcare Assessment Team Coordinator

The discussion will include a presentation on the current state of our housing crisis by Marc Jolin, questions addressed to the panel collected from the community over the past few months, and questions directly from the audience.

The event will be held at Sunnyside Elementary School’s Auditorium (3421 SE Salmon St, Portland, OR), October 10 7pm-9pm. We invite everyone to join us for this important and informative discussion and to submit specific questions and comments you would like the panel to address by emailing us ( or submitting a comment on this post.  Comments submitted via this form will not be publicly visible.

Downloadable Flier (PDF)

Oct 3, 2019 Board Meeting Agenda

This is a meeting of the SNA Board only, not a General meeting.  It is open to the public, but there is not time on the agenda for public or member comments or additional discussion topics.  Times are approximate.  Agenda items subject to change.

Southeast Uplift
3534 SE Main St


7pm – Filling of vacant Board seats

7:15pm – Finalization of 3.96 Code Change position letter to be sent to City Council

7:30pm – Adjourn

Ice Cream Social and SNA Meeting Rain Contingency

Dear neighbors, though stalwart northwesterners we may be, it is jarring to envision our ice cream social under a rain soaked canopy on the tail end of such a lovely summer.  We shall see if the weather cooperates, but if it doesn’t, we will likely retreat to the dry confines of SE Uplift (3534 SE Main Street) for our meeting this afternoon.  Either way we will have someone posted at Laurelhurst Park until at least 4:30pm to make sure everyone knows the plan.

September SNA Meeting and Ice Cream Social – Sunday 9/8, 4pm in Laurelhurst Park

Join us at the next meeting of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association for a summer’s end celebration featuring ice cream provided by Ruby Jewel.  We’ll be gathering in Laurelhurst Park, just north of the pond at 4pm on Sunday, September 8th.  During the business portion of the meeting we’ll be discussing the increasingly controversial changes proposed to City Code 3.96 as well as planning for our October meeting, which will be entirely devoted to a panel discussion on the city’s housing crisis.

Full agenda

Community Response and Outreach Committee

The Sunnyside Neighborhood Association has created a new committee and is looking for community members who want to get involved.

The Community Response and Outreach Committee exists as a means for neighbors in our community to become actively involved in addressing issues and concerns that face the community. The Community Response and Outreach Committee is indented to be a cooperative counterpart to the Safety and Livability Committee; while the S&L Committee is a place for our neighbors to come and present opinions and concerns about community issues, the CR&O Committee is a place for our neighbors with ideas and opinions for addressing these issues to discuss and present solutions.

From issues like poverty and homelessness to community beautification or public works projects, if you have an idea, a project, or want to become more directly involved in your community, the Community Response and Outreach Committee is eager for your involvement!