May 9th, 2019 Board and General Meeting Minutes

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Elections 5/09/2019
Present: Board members: Lorraine, Matt, KC, Reuben, Dave, Pat, Maggee

Community Members: Colin Wonnacott, Precinct Officers Fox and Mina, Christina (SEUL),

Meeting came to order at 7:29
Introductions\Proposed Bylaws change announced by Matt

Discussion about the current language of the Bylaws regarding meetings, Article IV, Section 2 Subsection A

Proposed language is: Regular meetings: the Board shall endeavor to meet at least 6 times per year on the second Thursday of the month and up to 6 times per year at a place, date and time determined by the Board to conduct the business of the association. Opportunity will be provided at regular meetings for the membership to advise the board of current concerns and possible actions. Notice of regular meetings of the board to the public must be at least 7 days in advance. Direct notice to the Directors and individuals known to have an interest in topics on the meeting agenda must be provided at least one day in advance.

Maggee moved to amend language in proposed bylaws regarding notice from…”from 7 days…” to “from 30 days.” A straw poll was taken, and the amendment did not garner interest, so no formal vote to change language was made.

Motion to approve Bylaws change (Reuben) seconded (Dave). Motion passed

Reuben gave a presentation about the history of SNA-Reuben has served as a Board member for 13 years. He discussed the current projects: The Good Neighbor Agreement which is in process between Sunnyside Neighbors and the Sunnyside Community House, Community Clean-Ups, Belmont Street Fair, Sunnyside Foot Patrol, and others. He highlighted why being on the Board was fun and valuable as a community member.

Elections ballots were handed out. There are 5 open seats-Sean stepped down, and Maggee is not running again. Voting results: Board: KC Hoffert, Colin Wonnacott, Pat Schwiebert, and Lorraine.

Bylaws change-results showed that the votes were even.

Goals of new Board were discussed: Improvements to digital communications, Board Development and Engagement, Events Committee/fund raising, Land Use and Transportation.

New Board will meet and discuss goals, ideas, and officers/committee chairs May 25th. Motion to Approve April minutes-(Dave) seconded (Reuben). Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30PM
Minutes submitted by: Lorraine Henriques

SNA Minutes 5-09-19

2019 SNA Board Election & Bylaws Revision Results

The big winner of the night, hands down, was Lorraine’s curried chicken.  YUM.

Beyond that, I’m happy to say our bylaws revision providing the Board with more meeting schedule flexibility in order to allow broader neighborhood participation passed, following a very helpful and lively discussion.  Thanks to Chris for brining up some important questions regarding notification lead times for “off schedule” meetings as well as Jan for keeping us on topic and reminding us of some important background and context.

I’m also happy to report that Colin Wonnacott will be joining the board and sad to say that Maggie McGann will no longer be lending her considerable insight to the board.  We all have great hope that she’ll remain connected and involved.

Please join us at our June meeting where we’ll be working on committee and project assignments.  We are looking especially for willing neighbors to help out with events, communications and resource development through the coming year.  Spread the word and remember, you don’t have to be on the board to help out!