SNA Annual Meeting & Board Elections – THIS THURSDAY!

The SNA  will hold its annual meeting and elections for the board of directors this Thursday, May 9th at 7 PM at SE Uplift (3534 SE Main St.). As our bylaws require voting by paper ballot, this will be an in-person only meeting.  We will be electing 5 board members during this election for 2 year terms. Nominees need not be present in order to run, but we hope you can join us.

This is a wonderful opportunity to serve  your neighborhood while meeting new people and having some fun too! If you would like to learn more, please reach out to [email protected] or [email protected].

Light refreshments will be provided and it should be a beautiful evening for a stroll over to SE Uplift. The meeting will last about an hour. Find a draft agenda at

June 13, 2019 Board and General Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association 6-13-19

Present: sitting SNA Board members-Pat, Collin, Reuben, KC, Matt, Lorraine, Dave

Not present: Russell

Meeting came to order at 7:04. Introductions were made

Motion to approve agenda (Reuben) seconded (Dave) Motion carries

Announcements were made-Mazama Open House July 28th-an application to close SE 43rd Avenue between Stark and Washington was made for the event

Police Officer Report-no Officer attended

Town Centers Main Street Overlay Zoning-presentation was given by Chris Trejbal from Overlook Neighborhood Association

This involves a project north of Kaiser on Alberta. Prosper Portland purchased the land and it became an affordable housing project.The City created a Comp Plan last year which designates “Town Centers” along major transit routes were 25% of building space is for “Active Use” to encourage pedestrians and visitors to walk the neighborhoods. Developers of this new project in Overlook sought to reduce that to 14% and City Planners granted those adjustments. There is a public hearing next week. The City is looking for clarification-a 19% gross instead of the 25% it should be. Chris says the City needs to enforce the codes and is asking SNA and other NA’s to testify or prepare statements to be read at the hearing next Thursday, June 28th at the Design Review office (PPS building in 2500 B at 5PM.

A motion was made to support this appeal (Reuben) and seconded (Dave) Motion carries

Lorraine will compose a letter to be read at appeals hearing. For more information, contact [email protected], with subject Case # LU18-277183

Deborah Johnson discussed a crosswalk at 39th and Alder. She is requesting a letter of support for PBOT. She reported that a pedestrian was hit by a car and injured at this crosswalk which does not have white lines or any signage identifying it as a crosswalk. She was told by a City Commissioner’s office that there is no funding for this. Matt suggested she look at “Safe Routes to Schools” as a source of funding.

Sunnyside Work Crew-David Rees

David has lived in Sunnyside for 18 years, and he would like to see more storage space for houseless people’s “stuff” and a resource for gigs and jobs, especially ones that would “put money in their pockets.” Colin suggested this would be an excellent pilot project for the Homelessness Response Committee.

Committee Reports were given.

Reuben announced he will be going to Germany for as long as 3 months-he may not return until September.

Matt: Chair, Reuben-Vice Chair, KC-Treasurer, Lorraine-Secretary

Vote to install Officers-Unanimous vote to install these officers.

Amended May minutes to reflect vote to pass new SNA Bylaws was 19-1 in favor

Motion to pass minutes as amended (Reuben) Seconded (KC) Motion carried.

Communication funding-SNA Board members decided to allocate all of the $1099.00 to Newsletter production

Matt asked if committee chairs will remain in their roles. Reuben will continue as SEUL liason and LUTC, KC will continue with SES and PTSA, Matt and Dave will share the HBBA and BABA. Communications- Dave passed this on to Colin who agreed to chair.

Homelessness Response Committee will be chaired by Colin and Matt, and Russell Rinaldi will be included.

Events Committee was discussed. There are now 8 Board members, unless Sunia, the new Pastor at SHC would like to be involved.

Meeting adjourned at 9:17. Next meeting will be Thursday, July 11, 7-9PM at SEUL building. Minutes recorded and submitted by Lorraine Henriques, SNA Board Secretary

SNA Revised 6-13-19

May 9th, 2019 Board and General Meeting Minutes

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Elections 5/09/2019
Present: Board members: Lorraine, Matt, KC, Reuben, Dave, Pat, Maggee

Community Members: Colin Wonnacott, Precinct Officers Fox and Mina, Christina (SEUL),

Meeting came to order at 7:29
Introductions\Proposed Bylaws change announced by Matt

Discussion about the current language of the Bylaws regarding meetings, Article IV, Section 2 Subsection A

Proposed language is: Regular meetings: the Board shall endeavor to meet at least 6 times per year on the second Thursday of the month and up to 6 times per year at a place, date and time determined by the Board to conduct the business of the association. Opportunity will be provided at regular meetings for the membership to advise the board of current concerns and possible actions. Notice of regular meetings of the board to the public must be at least 7 days in advance. Direct notice to the Directors and individuals known to have an interest in topics on the meeting agenda must be provided at least one day in advance.

Maggee moved to amend language in proposed bylaws regarding notice from…”from 7 days…” to “from 30 days.” A straw poll was taken, and the amendment did not garner interest, so no formal vote to change language was made.

Motion to approve Bylaws change (Reuben) seconded (Dave). Motion passed

Reuben gave a presentation about the history of SNA-Reuben has served as a Board member for 13 years. He discussed the current projects: The Good Neighbor Agreement which is in process between Sunnyside Neighbors and the Sunnyside Community House, Community Clean-Ups, Belmont Street Fair, Sunnyside Foot Patrol, and others. He highlighted why being on the Board was fun and valuable as a community member.

Elections ballots were handed out. There are 5 open seats-Sean stepped down, and Maggee is not running again. Voting results: Board: KC Hoffert, Colin Wonnacott, Pat Schwiebert, and Lorraine.

Bylaws change-results showed that the votes were even.

Goals of new Board were discussed: Improvements to digital communications, Board Development and Engagement, Events Committee/fund raising, Land Use and Transportation.

New Board will meet and discuss goals, ideas, and officers/committee chairs May 25th. Motion to Approve April minutes-(Dave) seconded (Reuben). Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30PM
Minutes submitted by: Lorraine Henriques

SNA Minutes 5-09-19

April 11, 2019 Board and General Meeting Minutes

SNA Board Meeting April 11, 2019

Present: Board Members: K.C., Lorraine, Reuben, Matt  Excused-absent: Maggie, Pat

Members and Guests: Emily Panos, Dale Peppel, Bethany Sakewitz, Glenn Devitt, Jan Molinaro, Colin Wonnacott, Christina Estime, Gaby Saldana-Lopez

Meeting came to order at 7:05PM

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March 14, 2019 Board and General Meeting Minutes

SNA minutes 3/14/2019

Board Present: Matt Lembo, Dave Boush, Maggie McGann, K.C, Hoffert, Pat Schwiebert, Reuben Deumling
Board Absent: Lorraine Enriques, Russell Rinaldi

Alice Myers, Sheryl McCoy, A Jameson, Molinaro, Dale Peppel, Brad Hudy, Marcia Conger, Heather Flint-Chatto, Judi Brandel, Kundalini
Minutes Feb RD moved, DB second, all in favor
Moved budget item to next month
Safety livability and OCCL sponsoring community park watch organization training 4/2 6:30-8:30
Plant sale toward end of summer no date yet
Maggie suggesting Lorraine may be interested in helping with that.

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