September 2010 General Meeting Minutes

Approved Minutes

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association General Meeting Thursday, September 9, 2010

Southeast Uplift, 3534 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214


Board Members Present: Jane Pullman, Heather Wilson, Bill Stites, Tim Brooks, Michele Gila, Reuben Deumling, Gina Binole, Paul Loney

Neighbors and Guests: Katherine Anderson, Josh Palmer, John Barker, Allen Field, Rodolfo Serna, Lee Greer, Karen Hery, Emily Hery, George Lederer, Jeff Cole, Daniel Caplan, Kelley Roy,  Peter Nierengarten, Kate Simer, Terry Richardson, Kevin Corcoran, Jeanne Longley, Tim O’Neal, Anne Dufay, Doug Klotz

1. Introductions

2. Approve Agenda Approved

3. P:EAR Mural Project (Rodolfo Serra & Esteban Camacho)

Rodolfo. Works with PEAR. This is NOT the Chavez project but a multi organization project. Mentor program for homeless youth. Showed a slideshow of projects, including Marshall HS mural. Powell, Lombard, K’worth, Alberta also have sites. Emphasis on mentoring, to bring college age youth to go into schools for mentoring younger people. Sometimes up to 400 people involved in creating the mural. Students help to design the piece. Community art. Would like in put from us for the project. Once piece is finished, then a cultural blessing/celebration/thanks. Bringing young people of covers backgrounds to show Unity. Kids research then submit drawings. He then brings it all together into a design. Afro/Asian/Latino/Native groups joining. Por Que No location for the west side of the building. Neighbor expresses sadness that Chavez mural isn’t happening. Asked if SNA would still have it eventually. Expresses support. He’s a social worker. Another neighbor echos such sentiment. He lives across from Belmont Library. Has 90 long foot wall to offer. Rodolfo explains the new locale might be further north on CC Blvd. Reuben asks if there is something we can do to support. Rodolfo asks for a letter of support from SNA to apply for his grant. Reuben says we would need more info to supply this letter. Allen asked if owner of Por Que No was in support. Rodolfo says YES. What grant? LELAC grant. SEUL is another he thinks. In working with RACC his experience feels letters of support really help. Trying not to impart his ideas but rather leaving it to the kids/community. Tim asked if he has a grant application for this project. Rodolfo will send that to us. Doug from RNA expresses that he doesn’t like murals. Rodolfo speaks to that to say it’s the PROCESS that inspires him.

4. Belmont Street Fair. John Barker updates: final touches. 160 vendor spots sold out. Waiting list of 15. Shuttles 33 to 20. Then trolly to 33-47th. Looking for folks upper end to wear shirts for trolly. Karen has ambitious footprint for swap shop coop. Parking lot behind belmont market and turned it into mirror of their play area. Includes Roost Lounge. DJ, Foosball, Air Hockey. Hip hop dancers. Replicating the labyrinth. Do Jump will stilt and juggling pit. Nothing costs $. Just a relaxing retreat. Wants feedback afterward. First Aid tent will be present. SES has farmer’s market from student grown produce. Book sale maybe? Selling donated books to get money for new books for the school library. Accepting book donations. Proceeds from veggies go back to fund school garden. SNA will have booth next to SES with info about projects regarding emergency preparedness & accomplishments. Needs a few helpers to help with the bouncy thing. All volunteers to party at Hoda’s night before. Safety talk. Josh is volunteer coordinator. 2-3 hour shifts. Cargo bike display at park by Bill, including electric assist. There will also be the neighborhood green again. John reminds us that after his 9 years he is retiring from this position.

5. Bagdad Film Fundraiser

RNA/SNA collaboration. Tim & Allen overview. It is not fun for families afterall. Now it’s 21+. Sunday Sept. 19th at Bagdad. Reminds us via Katherine that we have GNA with them to donate space each year to us. Silent movie set to live music. Need 180 people to break even. Seats 600. Tickets on sale now as well as at the door. $10. We have images to print. Allen printed up postcard side handouts to passerby. Allen expresses desire to do this yearly. Mentions consolidating next year with Belmont Street Fair for postering.

6. Liquor Licensed, Outhouse LLC etc…

Reuben points out a bunch of new establishments applying for liquor licenses. Comment period for Outhouse is reaching expiration. Mentioned Hop House and we expired before we had time to meet. Patio is an issue. Circa 33 is the new name. Owner is on vacation. Comment period expires 9/11. Paul’s been asking for extensions. Katherine posted OLCC impact area at city hall event. Karla Morelove. 823-4086. karla.more-love. POST TO FB & WEBSITE. 32-37th avenues general GNA like Upper Hawthorne. Bill clarifies that we need a group meeting Paul agrees to get everyone in the same room to show we aren’t applying certain rules to the individual and not the other. Frank Silva might need to get involved. This Monday LUTC meeting will deal with this too to further it.

7. Tree Planting 2011 (Peter N. & Jeff C.)

Jeff Cole new volunteer neighborhood coordinator for friends of trees for SNA. Acknowledged Peter N for doing it all these years. Peter will continue with bike crews. Key dates: get the word out in newsletter or whatever. Planting date is Jan. 22. Sign up Deadline 12/20. Order deadline 1/9. GO to website, create account as part of that you can request curb side vs. in your own yard. Then inspector from BES comes to site to check for suitability for tree choice. Then the trees can be ordered. [email protected] goes to Jeff. Community building event + planting trees. Reuben asked for short article. Peter talks unique aspect is the crew done by bike cargo trailer to haul trees tools stakes. Doing it again this year! Let Jeff know if you are interested in being on the bike crew.

8. Committee Reports:

Sustainability – Nothing to report this month. But national emergency preparedness month. Please come to BSF table Sunday. Trying to work with city to get trainings. Know Your Neighbor. Step by step intro to EP and planning. Intent is collaborative effort between neighbors. Will share the Know Your Neighbor pamphlet at the Fair.

LUTC- Paul. Main issue alcohol establishments. Heather asks about clarification on Clearwire.

Crime Prevention- Chuck not here to report. Katherine mentions prescription drug turn in agin. 9/18 10-4pm at Gateway Fred Meyer. Safe & Proper disposal.

SEUL- Jane introduces the coalition for 20 SE neighborhoods. Introduces Tim and Ann. Board meets monthly first monday of the month. 2 new board members seated. Reed(way?) neighborhood was one. SE PDX getting press in Oregonian. Carol Cushman League of Women Voters ballot measure. Staff put together their work plan and presented it. Board approved 4pt strategic plan. Ann commented that it was developed by staff and board. Kristin starting intern project.

9. Announcements

Karen Hery: Methodist Church becoming sustainable. In the black on operating. Renovations ahead? Roof repairs done more to come. Improve heating. Newsletter idea: 3rd autumn fest. Do Jump dinner/silent auction. $30 per family. Spaghetti dinner.

Heather: update on peacock lane historic designation. Try to have that for newsletter & media. Someone from city & state to inform neighbors.

Jeannine. League of women voters. Yes on 26-108. SEUL signed on to coalition. Asks for our help. Renewing current program.

Katherine Anderson: group liquor license GNA. Upper Hawthorne semi annual meetings. Wed Oct 6th at the 47/Burnside traffic building.

Dan Green Micro Gym. 34th north of Belmont near Hodas & Side Street Tavern. Small gym. Cardio equip into electricity grid. Connecting with other local businesses.

Reuben: we have a newsletter & fb & list serve.

Paul asks Gina for info for school starting news. Portables host 2 5th grade classes. New landscaping. Teachers are happy to be there. Special Ed was affected by budget cuts. But kept PE. Harvest Fair is a community event, not just SES event. A bloom of kindergarteners on their way.

10. Approve August Minutes. Tim Moves. Paul second. Approved.

11. Next Meeting October 14th

12. Adjourn. Time: 8:05pm.




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