Banning the Bottle

Just yesterday, Multnomah County passed a resolution to ban the use of county funds on bottled water. Multnomah County is joining a movement of cities, municipalities, schools, businesses, restaurants, and individuals who are taking a pledge to stop spending money on and consuming bottled water. In an effort to bolster these initiatives, Food & Water Watch is co-hosting a screening of Blue Gold, an excellent film about world water wars.Sign up today to attend the free screening of Blue Goldthis Sunday at 6pm at the Bagdad Theatre!

Bring your friends and family to enjoy beverages and food from McMenamin’s theatre pub and to get involved with the local Take Back the Tap movement! We hope you will join us to celebrate the passage of the county resolution by attending the free Blue Gold screening.


One thought on “Banning the Bottle”

  1. Not only will I join SNA advocates support the local Take Back the Tap movement, I will also support the Cascade Locks Community doing their best to stop Nestles from building a plastic bottling plant, siphoning off Oregonian’s fresh mountain water, selling our natural resource on the global market, with their plastic bottles in land-fills for the next 839 years.

    More upsetting to this taxpayers, is knowing that Portland of Portland plans to construct two terminals on the 300 acres on West Hayden Island — in part to facilitate shipping bottled water and coal.

    Stay tuned reading:

    Yes, to great Portland beers on tap. Which begs the question. At what point will Portland Brewmasters be forced to use blended Willamette and Columbia River water?

    Yes, let’s work to band plastic water bottles…

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