Neighborhood Apartment Parking Survey

Dear Neighbors and Community Leaders:

Our Portland community is experiencing unprecedented growth in the development of apartment buildings that include little or no off-street parking. Although a number of these types of older apartments remain along the former trolley lines, the approval of 28 new apartment buildings over the past 18 months has alarmed many of us. 

Due to the recent community concern regarding the approval of so many apartment buildings with no parking, the City’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) is conducting a study of residents and neighbors of eight of these older buildings. As a group of volunteers that participate in the Citywide Land Use Group, we felt it was important to conduct our own, complementary survey. This survey is the result of our Apartment Parking Task Force and Editing Team’s work on the no-parking issue over the past four months. It is our attempt to clarify your concerns and needs.  We want to give neighborhoods the opportunity to provide constructive criticism to the City on this issue.

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 In our view, the City, Metro, and the State are each dealing with competing goals. These include reducing air pollution, traffic congestion, and storm water run-off, while at the same time retaining and enhancing neighborhood livability, high density residential, affordable housing, living-wage jobs and vibrant local businesses. The recent development of apartments with little or no off street parking is a direct result of these policies. 

Portland is not alone in dealing with reduced parking in new apartment developments. Other cities we reviewed included SeattleSan Francisco, andDenver.

Our contention is that the city needs to begin a dialogue with the neighborhood associations and business communities to help understand the impact of these goals and policies on our daily lives. We offer that Portland contains the most creative and enthusiastic community that could be brought to the table for this discussion. Together, it is likely we will come up with a range of ideas and equitable solutions.

The results of this Apartment Parking Neighborhood Survey as well as the BPS parking study will both be presented to the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission at their November 13th Forum. This is but the first step in helping broker a dialogue between the City of Portland and its concerned neighborhoods on this issue.
The survey questionnaire should take you about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

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What’s this survey about?

Apartment buildings being constructed in Portland with little or no off-street parking.   

How could this issue affect me? My family? My neighborhood?

The City code was changed almost 10 years ago to allow developers to include little or no off-street parking in their new developments. Over the past 18 months (02/2011-08/2012), 20 apartment buildings with no off-street parking and 8 apartment buildings with little off-street parking have been approved. This correlates to 557 residential units located outside the City Centerwith NO off-street parking and 602 residential with little off-street parking.

A total of 1,159 new residential units impacting our neighborhoods.

The City has never before experienced this level of construction of this building type (except maybe in the late 1800s). Government policies, a low local apartment vacancy rate, and available bank financing are key factors that converged in the recent past to spur this explosive increase. 

Who’s behind the survey?

The Citywide Land Use Group (CWLUG) is an organized effort to connect Neighborhood Association Land Use representatives as well as other Neighborhood Association Committee members, along with interested others, in a communication network.  The function of the network is to share approaches to and concerns about land use and neighborhood livability issues that impact residents of Neighborhood Associations throughout the city. As volunteers from our respective neighborhoods, we recognize apartments with little or no off-street parking may have problematic impacts on the community. It is our wish to identify your concerns. More Info.
Why is this worth my time?

The results of this survey will be presented by the CWLUG to the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission at their forum November 13th at 1:30 p.m. Together with the results of the City’s own apartment-users survey, we propose to begin a dialogue and promote a series of actions that will have a direct affect on retaining community livability. Your input can help change what are considered important factors in dealing with this issue.

What will the CWLUG do with the survey information?

  • We will present a summary of the Apartment Parking Survey to the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) on November 13.
  • We will submit A ‘white paper’ report to the City Council and PSC which summarizes the Survey results and recommended next steps.
  • We will use the results as a resource base for furthering the CWLUG process of gathering the community’s input and making sure the full range of issues and ideas are addressed
  • We will develop a set of recommendations for changes and improvements to the City zoning code and permitting process.

When do you need my response?

We’d like to hear from you by: Saturday, November 10th, 2012, so that your opinions can be included in our presentation to the Planning and Sustainability Commission on Nov. 13th. The CWLUG task force will review the survey responses as they come in and the sooner we hear from you, the sooner we will be able to start developing our presentation.


What are the options available for filling out this questionnaire?

You can:

    1.  Fill it out online
    2.  Print out a copy, fill it out

Mail it to:

Neighborhood Survey

Central Northeast Neighbors Coalition

4415 NE 87th Avenue

Portland, OR 97220

Drop it off at: 

Central Northeast Neighbors Coalition

4415 NE 87th Avenue

PortlandOR 97220

    3. Request a paper copy: (see contact people below).  

More information and support

If you have questions or comments about this questionnaire or the work of the CWLUG, contact one of the following: 

You may also track the progress of the Apartment Parking Task Force at the following website: 

Industry & Art show this weekend

Former SNA board member and continuing neighborhood activist and volunteer, Bill Stites, has asked us to pass on word of an event happening out at Swan Island’s Vigor Industrial Shipyard.

The Industry & Art show is a juried art exhibition featuring the work of many artists and craftspeople, including Bill and his Truck Trike.

There are many other activities, as well, including shipyard tours and tours of a WWII PT boat.

See the website for more information.

Volunteer at the Belmont Street Fair Sept 8

The Belmont Street Fair invites the community to the neighborhood to experience the best of Belmont. There will be trolley rides, two stages with music, beer gardens, kids area, vendors central park (what? lawn on Belmont?) and a whole block celebrating the 100th anniversary of the historic firehouse.

So come on, be a part of our event! Get a limited edition Belmont Street Fair t-shirt and a token to a local food spot as a thank you for volunteering. Volunteer shifts are in 2 hour time slots and we welcome you to sign up for more than one area during the day. All volunteers will check in at our information booth on 34th & Belmont to start your shift. The fair starts at noon and ends at 7pm.

To register volunteers we are using the super cool Sign Up Genius tool where it does ask you to register but it doesn’t share or sell your information. You get an automatic reminder of what you signed up for over email! If you don’t want to do that, just email me at [email protected]

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