One thought on “October Newsletter and Agendas”

  1. Many of you have concerns about the constructions of “no parking” apartments going up on our neighborhood “main streets” for example Belmont. Hawthorne and Stark; and want to voice your concerns to either the SNA board or the City Hall.

    Portland now has a survey now online that you can fill out to voice some of your concerns, so take the time (it takes about ten to fifteen minutes) to fill out the survey.

    Pay also a close attention to where the questionnaire ask how you feel about replacing one to two story apartments through out Sunnyside with three story apartments as infills (8. The city should create a medium-height (3-story max) multi-family zone that would serve as a transition between high-density multi family residential and low-density single family residential.) (an example would be replacing the one story apartment on the SW corner of 34th and Salmon across from Sunnyside K-8 school).

    Here is a chance for City Hall to hear many of your concerns or support of how our neighborhood will shape out in the coming years.

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