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  1. Dear Portland transitioners,
    this is Alexandra (Alex) from wandelBar.
    wandelBar is a transition initiative in the region of north-east Brandenburg (a rural area next to Berlin which has Eberswalde, a town of about 42.000 inhabitants as administrative center).
    Together with a small group we founded wandelBar in the beginning of 2011 and have seen the initiative flourishing quite a lot since. You can get an idea of our projects from our website, (even though it is all in german).

    We have e.g. started a community garden, regular film events, initiate re-skilling activities, build bikes which can transport heavy loads and the like. We are about to form an Inner Transition group and work on opening an open work place where people can share a wide range of professional tools and experience to build or repair their own stuff, as well as a co-working space to reduce commuting to Berlin where up to now there are the only job-opportunity for a good deal of locals.

    End of this month I’ll travel to Oregon for a conference of ELAW. Between feb. 21 afternoon – 23 noon I plan to be in Portland, and I’d love to meet Portland transitioners. What I can share 😉 …is some experience from the first Inner Transition workshop held by Sophy Banks in London in Jan. 2013, …an idea of what is going in transition in Germany (and also our experience of starting transition in a not-so-well-off area in eastern Germany with high rates of unemployment and other problems).

    I’d really love to hear from some of you Portlanders!!! – if you have time to meet, if you can give me advice whom to meet or where to go while I’m in Portland.
    Kind regards,

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