Community House GNA Draft for Public Comment

Big thanks to everyone involved in developing this draft especially the Drafting Committee, Community House guests and volunteers, SNA Board and all of the thoughtful, caring neighbors and community members who made the time and effort to offer their experiences, views and concerns.

This draft will be available here for public comment until at least May 28th.  Please use the form below to submit your thoughts.  All comments will be reviewed by the Drafting Committee and a final draft will be presented to the SNA Safety & Livability Committee on June 4th.

SCH-SNA GNA Working Draft

6 thoughts on “Community House GNA Draft for Public Comment”

  1. – Under 2.c. there are “4 afternoons of open hours” at SCH. What are the specific days and open hours?
    – Per the Code of Conduct “…if we aren’t open, don’t hang around.” Therefore, there should be no loitering, sleeping, carts, gear, garbage, cars or vans at SCH mornings, evenings, or overnight, nor the three full days SCH is closed. Correct?
    – However, every day for many years now, these SCH “neighbors” have in fact violated most -if not all- of the Outside Rules. How will these Outside Rules be enforced going forward if none seemingly are now? It’s imperative enforcement includes during closed hours as well.
    This is key to the integrity of the GNA and SCH Code of Conduct as without daily, round-the clock (at least at first) enforcement this is all moot and we’re back to chronic frustration and a breakdown of trust and goodwill from residents who don’t feel safe walking (never on the sidewalk in front of SCH), at the park, or on our properties.
    I can’t support the GNA without clear investment and commitment to the enforcement of the Code of Conduct, without which will also continue to daily violate Portland City codes and continued deterioration of the welfare, safety, and livability for Sunnyside residents.

  2. The outside rules sound fine but there is nothing in the agreement as to how they will be enforced. Without enforcement the rules are meaningless. They are routinely violated now and I do’t see how this agreement will change that. I would like to see the following in the agreement:

    SCH or the Methodist Church will provide some type of security guard or security service to patrol the area and enforce the rules of the community house and discourage the illegal parking and camping.

    SCH will provide assurance that no homeless shelter will be established there, except for the emergency Winter shelter that has been operating for the past couple of years.

    SCH will provide a contact person in the United Methodist Church for neighbors to call if SCH is unable to enforce the rules.

  3. This agreement looks encouraging, but I wonder if Sunnyside Community House will actually enforce it. In particular these points do not seem to be getting any enforcement at all right now:
    * Clean up after yourself and others
    * Use the garbage cans and dumpsters, do not leave trash in the streets
    * No carts left behind
    * No gear left behind
    * No sleeping on the property
    * Move your cars and vans… you can’t live on 35th
    * No loitering–if we aren’t open, don’t hang around
    What will be our recourse if it is not enforced?

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