Meet Board Candidate Colin Wonnacott

I’m Colin Wonnacott, and after having lived in Portland for over a decade, I’m finally interested in getting involved in my neighborhood association.  As a lifelong renter, I feel that it is important that renters are represented in our neighborhood association.  The presence and views of non-homeowners on concerns that affect the neighborhood is a valuable insight, and having a renter on the board would allow it to further represent and be representative of the people of the Sunnyside neighborhood.

I have lived and worked in Sunnyside for most of the time I have lived in our fair city, and I feel lucky to continue to live here.  I’m an avid cyclist and gardener, a former chef, and I enjoy cooking for the Hard Times Supper at Sunnyside Community House every Wednesday.  Please consider me to represent you on the board of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association!

Matt Lembo

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