June 10, 2010 Board Of Directors Minutes

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

Approved Minutes

June 10, 2010

Board Meeting Called to order at 8:15pm Draft Minutes got passed around

Action Items: Seat elected Board members: Paul Loney, Gina Binole, Heather Wilson, Bill Stites

Select officers, committee chairs.

Street Fair: (John Barker) John reads a proposal to be a co-sponsor of the Street Fair. The NA has done the music. John needs a volunteer coordinator. Booths will only be on Belmont. There will be 134 booths. Street will be blocked at ??? John needs 20 volunteers for 3 hour shifts to handle questions and keep people happy.

Planning meeting for the Street Fair will be 7 at Hoda’s on June 30th.

Reuben moves and Gina seconds to have the SNA be a co-sponsor. Approved unanimously.

Co-sponsor banners: Heidi shows us the new logo. Will have 40 banners from a grant for Belmont from 12th to 60th. Zupan’s pledged $4000 for the banners and BABA put in $4000.

Heather makes a motion that we co-sponsor the banners; heather seconded.

Reuben asks what the 8,000 pays for. Making the banners, hardware, mounting them, insurance.

Sponsorships for Mt. Tabor Concerts. We sponsored last year for $250.

Reuben moves to sponsor $250 for the concert series. Bill asks about the budget that was supposed to have been done. Reuben says we have not developed a budget.

Heather asks if the subcommittee can meet before the next board meeting. Reuben and Jane can meet. Tim is out of town. We will try.

Motion was made and approved to contribute $250. Motion passed with one abstention. Heather abstains.

Reuben is nominated as president. Elected unanimously. Michele nominates Paul Loney as vice. Elected unanimously. Michele nominated as Secretary. Passed unanimously

Jane is elected as Treasurer. Committee Chairs and liaisons.

Heather nominates Bill for BABA liaison. Heidi is Chair of BABA. Bill explains that the liaison represents the neighborhood to BABA meetings, coordinates Belmont St Fair. To raise neighborhood issues with the business district.

Bill is elected to represent at BABA.

Reuben nominates Chuck as the chair of the Crime Prevention Committee. Josh raises issue of his car being broken into and with a homeless person. He needs help to deal with homeless people respectfully. Paul says it would be good to go through Chuck.

Michele seconded the motion. Chuck is voted in.

Reuben nominates Jane and Reuben as co-chairs of the Sustainability Committee. Passed. Reuben explains that the committee has met for 3 years.

Reuben and Jane are unanimously elected.

Paul is nominated and elected as chair of Land Use and Transportation Committee. Bill is not co-chair but he handles the transportation part of it.

SEUL delegate from SN to the SEUL land use and Sustainability Committee. Paul is nominated.

SEUL Board liaison position. They meet the first Monday of the month at 7. Heather is nominated. Reuben seconds. Heather is elected.

Bill asks if there is a position on emergency preparedness. Jane is point on contact for emergency. Jane is voted in. Site council. Reuben nominates Gina for site council. Paul seconds. Both elected unanimously.

Reuben nominates Michele as Communications Coordinator – a go to person to the electronic media. Seconded by Heather. Michele is voted in. She says the the neighborhood can post to our Facebook page.

There’s a yahoo group for the SNA. Michele asks for a committee. Me and Gina volunteer.

As president, Reuben will chair the newsletter committee. Bill wants to discuss newsletter


Fundraising for school play equipment ( Heather): On the section of park under the exclusive use permit, there is space for play equipment (in NE corer). Paul suggests getting hold of Jeff Milkes to approve the play equipment. Josh will get information about the equipment behind the SEUL building.

Pre-school and home school kids should have play equipment since the NA paid for the equipment that’s used on school grounds.

Weatherization (Heather): How to weatherize your home in historic houses. Coming Year Planning is tabled for next meeting. Newsletter articles. Bill, Jane,

Approval of March’s minutes. Approved. Gina abstained. April’s Board minutes. Approved. Heather abstained. Gina abstained.

Meeting adjourned at 9:39pm


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