July 9, 2010 General Meeting Minutes

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association General Meeting

Thursday, July 9, 2010

Southeast Uplift, 3534 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214 Board Members Present: Tim Brooks, Reuben Deumling, Chuck Lawrence, Bill Stites,

Heather Wilson, Jane Pullman Board Members Absent: Michele Gila, Paul Loney,

Neighbors and Guests: Karen Hery, Spikos Koyanis, Masaye Hoshide, Mike Boeder, Anna Halpin, Bill Wheeler, Martha Wheeler, MaryAnn

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m.

1. Welcome / Introductions

2. Approve agenda and minutes: With only four board members present initially, those here agreed to delay this item until later in the evening.

3. Fresh Exchange – Thursday Buckman Market (Anna Halpin) Anna shared organic strawberries. It is a fund that increases low-income access to the Farmer’s Market. It is volunteer-based, in conjunction with SE Uplift. It is dollar for dollar match up to $5 with Buckman Dollars. People on food stamps can swipe their credit cards and say they want $20 to buy. They can buy fresh fruits, vegetables and plant starts. It is neighbors feeding neighbors and feedback has been extremely positive to date. Data for 8 of 10 markets, averaging $188 per market out of fresh exchange. Highest match has been about $275. Anna needs money to sustain the program through the Season (Sept. 23). Asking 4 neighborhood associations around the market if they could sponsor, and the request is for $280. SNA could advertise, wear T-shirts, send out info about upcoming events. We would announce that this particular market is being sponsored by the neighborhood association. The need is great. The next market is July 19. She would like to partner with a neighborhood association and try and obtaingrant funding. Anna is willing to write the grant, which opens in August, and it would be funds for next season. Reuben said it would be a qualified maybe, and we will discuss during our board meeting. We have not yet set our budget, discussed charitable contributions, etc. Will confer with the outgoing chair on how to deal with grants. Reuben asked Anna to write up an article for the newsletter.

4. p:ear – public art/strengthen community/mentor youth (Rodolfo Serna) Rodolfo was not present to discuss this item

5. Belmont Street Fair (John Barker) John Barker was not present to discuss this item. But Tim spoke on his behalf. The date is Sunday, Sept. 12. It is 10 to 5, same general format. The main change physically is more space for kids and areas off of Belmont, like the parking lot off of 34th and expanded coverage down Belmont, possibly going as far as 37th. Bill’s going to do the neighborhood green again. The size was right 24- foot circle. Alternative transportation is going to be human-powered or bike-centric. Jane mentioned she had a conversation with Za Zen owner, and she would like to note that her business was hurt by the booth set up last year. Karen provided a description in the kid’s area modeled after the swapshop. The opening up of the whole parking lot, so the Roost can be recreated as well as the Swap shop space. The Roost is for teens, the SwapShop for toddlers. DoJump also will have a big square space, so kids can come in and experience juggling, and play around with their stuff. The SwapShop will grow into the space.

6. Mural – Two Rivers Aikikai (Masaye Hoshide) Masaye would like a mural painted on the front of the building. We were hoping to put a new one on the front and apply for a grant with SE Uplift that are on the side of the building and add lighting because they get tagged. The grant will help clean them up and put new protectant on the top. They’re hoping to convey a sense of peacefulness and relaxation on that busy intersection. They don’t need financial support, but basically support for the mural itself. Two Rivers Aikikai is a non-profit association, martial arts, dosha (sp?) and has been around more than 20 years. Also have received support from BABA. Have put the word out to neighbors as well. Also working with local artist, Christa Brinn (sp?) Bill commented that he thinks it looks great. They’re trying to leverage financing and reach out to paint supply stores to see if they can donate some of the materials. The

artist itself teaches and rents out our space for yoga a couple of times a week, so she’s going to lower her rates as well. Gina made a motion to support the mural and its intentions. Heather seconded. Reuben read a note of support written by him as SNA president.

7. Update on Blair Community Gardens (Tim Brooks) BCG is located south of Stark St. and just west of 30th. It’s taken 5 years since the land was secured to coordinate. The neighborhood has raised $2000. The community gardens association has raised $2000 and Laurelhurst has raised $2000. Tim says he was hoping for a date, but it might be donated soil, donated hazelnut chips for paths, but as soon as the last piece comes together, a grand opening date will be set. Tim says they’ll publicize it in the SNA newsletter. We have enough money, with the beds, water source and commitment to upgrade the shed, there is no need for phasing. The board wondered how soon will people be contacted that there will be space available for that? Tim says if you were part of the former garden years ago, you’d be contacted first, then if you’re on the general community garden list and local and then others. They are hopeful we might be able to reserve a plot for members of the Laurelhurst Village themselves to keep it inter-generational. Mary Ann is delighted to hear it’s finally coming into play, but how can they do that without talking to parks

8. Committee Reports

Sustainability –Has not met. Reuben says they are shifting the committee’s focus to emergency preparedness for a while and will be reporting back on that in the newsletter and other news.

Land-Use and Transportation—Has not met, but Bill mentioned the meeting on Monday. It is now the second Monday of each month, which is a change. The big item is ClearWire tower, which is equivalent of a 10-story building. Respectpdx.org is the URL of a group that has formed specifically to oppose these towers. Big meeting on July 29 that’s this land is your land. A huge issue because our public land is disappearing, according to Mary Ann. Mary Ann also mentioned people have until Monday July 12, to appeal the Sunnyside Environmental School’s portable classrooms. Bill says as far as he

knows the board doesn’t have a position. Paul wrote a letter registering our interest in the issue but has registered no comment.

Crime Prevention – Chuck reported he has had a lot of trouble at Jay’s market at 48th & Belmont, had to repaint the whole East Wall. People keep hitting it constantly, but he says he is not aware of any crime issues in the neighborhood.

Southeast Uplift – They only had one agenda item today to elect their officers, according to Jane. Brian Agee is their new chair, vice-chair is Jeff West, Secretary was Julie Radcliffe, Treasurer is Pete Jacobsen. Then they went out there and ate ice cream.

9. Approve minutes – Delayed until Michele’s return.

10. Next meeting on Aug. 12

11. Announcements – George — Employment Self help it’s our one-year anniversary. He says they started with six people and now total about 16. He says there is a great need for us to help us out. Mary Ann mentioned SNA has donated tile for the Children’s Club necessitate by an overflow and asbestos abatement and have only been able to raise $2,500. So with our Belmont Street Fair coming up, maybe we could put up Mason Jars up and down the street, possibly SNA helping jumpstart those coffers. Concerts in the park announcement.

12. Adjourn


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