General Meeting This Thursday November 11th!

It’s time once again for our General Meeting at 7pm at SEUL 3534 SE Main St. Please come join the conversation, get to know some neighbors and enjoy the snacks provided by some of our local businesses. Please see the PDF below for the details of our agenda.

Immediately following with be our monthly Board of Directors Meeting.

Agenda November 2010

Blair Community Garden Returns to Sunnyside!

Kids bring new life to Blair Garden

After five years of laying fallow, the Blair Community Garden is back! The first official garden work party got off to a great start on October 30 with the enthusiastic help of a group of kids and their coaches from the All in One Basketball Academy. Gray weather did not deter 15 young volunteers, ages 10 to 16, from an afternoon of garden preparation. Lamar Hurd and several other coaches at the All in One Basketball program worked with the kids hauling and spreading compost over the entire upper section of the garden.

The SNA would like to thank Lamar, the coaches and the kids for an entertaining and very productive afternoon. When they are not shooting hoops, Lamar and his team are often volunteering for groups such as the Oregon Food Bank and the Blanchet House. We would also like to thank Bridget Hazard, who helped bring the hoop-shooting gardeners to the event, and Portland Community Gardens staff Dan Franek and John Iott.

Our next work party is November 13 from 9:30 to 11 am.

The  garden entrance is located on the west side of SE 33rdAvenue, about a half block south of Stark Street. For some recent press on the garden’s rebirth For more information, contact the SNA hotline at 503 295-1699.

Thanks, Tim

Neighbors work together for public safety

A true story, from neighbor Mary Ann.

As kids were leaving school at Sunnyside today, Mary Ann and I were walking my dogs past the corner at 35th and Yamhill. A hostile drunk with an open brown bag container was yelling profanity at some of  the many kids and parents on bikes and foot passing by there at the corner by the church. Mary Ann yelled back at him to watch his mouth around the kids. He started shouting profanity back at her for interfering and at us for walking dogs. I called 911 and reported it as an aggressive drunk with an open container. We continued down Yamhill, as did he. As we got to 34th, he started around toward Belmont, but then came back and continued on Yamhill. He started yelling at us again, threatening us and my dogs. I called 911 again and reported that the same guy was being threatening. The report was taken, the cops responded and the guy was arrested. I’m very glad to see an alcohol related complaint taken and responded to. Please pass along thanks to dispatch and the police bureau and all involved.

A response from Commissioner Fritz:

Thank you for telling me about this incident. I will pass along your kudos to the Bureau of Emergency Communication. Thank you to you and Mary Ann for your good citizenship.



Amanda Fritz

Commissioner, City of Portland

Yes, it takes a village to raise a child. Katie and I have done our very best to invite the Sunnyside Environmental Teachers and Playground parents to do the same — call 9-1-1 — with the individuals description, how tall, color hair, clothing, and shoes, if carrying a brown paper bag. Please note, this occurred on Monday, not on Wednesday, or on Friday when the Sunnyside United Methodist Church prepare evening meals to the hungry. My fears for Katie? This guy not know which house was hers: therefore, we stayed standing on the sidewalk a few minutes — long after he was out of sight.

Good citizenship is simply “neighborhood watch” in action.



A response from Sarah Taylor, Principal Sunnyside Environmental School:

Thanks everyone,

These things are very stressful when thy happen at recess or during the school day but we call 911 too.




Community Forum Nov. 6th

Hello Neighborhood Association and Community Leaders,

Portland Parks and Recreation is facing the possibility of having another cut to its budget this time that of 6%.  This may have significant ramifications to the neighborhoods that you represent in terms of lost services and lost care to existing sites.
The workers of Portland Parks and Recreation, cordially wish to invite you to come to our community forum that we are holding.  Presentations will be made in regards to who performs the work, why it matters who performs the work, what taking this work away will mean to the community.
Our effort is seeking to be as inclusive as possible, to that end we have formed a new coalition called Progress Forward NWbecause we are seeking solutions that progressively build a better tomorrow for PP&R and the community it serves.
In addition, we are open to hearing from the neighborhood associations, what projects or initiatives they are working on and what opportunities there may be to support your efforts as well.  This may prove to be a great event to network different plans for the greater Portland area.
So please join us this Saturday, November 6 from 1-3 P.M.   The site is 1125 SE Madison, Portland Oregon 97214.   Food will be catered in by Madison’s Bar and Grill.  There will be a Q&A session in which you will be able to ask questions of the presenters.
For more information, please contact me.
Thanks for your time,
Toby Green
Progress Forward NW/ Laborers Local 483