February 2011 General Meeting Minutes

SNA General Meeting Minutes – Approved

Feb. 10th 2011 7pm

Board Members In Attendance: Michele Gila, Chuck Lawrence, Heather Wilson, Gina Binole, Reuben Deumling, Bill Stites, Jane Pullman, Paul Loney,

Excused Absence: Tim Brooks

Guests & Neighbors: Greg Dolinajec, Mildred White, Brian White, Sandy Miller, Serena Appel, Karen Hery, Scott McEwen, Jeff Cole, Kari Briggs, John Barker, Valerie Strickland, Jacob Mayhill, Amy Kleiner, Jeanne Longley

1. Introductions.

2. Approve agenda, circulate minutes. Approved as submitted.

3. Update from SES VP. Amy Kleiner.

Bond measure from PPS pitch. Hoping for Middle School students involvement. Sarah Taylor is retiring. Amy might be new Principal, but it’s not been determined. Under budget constraints. Plus another bond measure in November.  8 or 9 school cohorts and she wants to send one to the neighborhood for service outreach. To help people in need. Help folks in the yards to remove invasive species. Could start in September. Reuben mentions the emergency preparedness component, but seemed the ball was dropped. Would have to pitch it to the teens to get them to do it. Heather asks about the structural changes. Amy again hoping for the bond measure to pass to get a covered play structure. She doesn’t know where. Upgrade science lab. Convert boiler to natural gas. Stage area rigging and lights. Increase ADA & managed access (key card). Perhaps a crosswalk on SE Taylor. Jane presents an invitation to the school from EM soil & water conservation to get involved.

4. Senior co-housing project in Sunnyside

Greg is a RE developer. Retro fits of NW apartments to condos. H45 project was his. 38/Belmont site has his interest. Thinks what is missing is an Independent living, self governing community with a theme. Camerata Community 55 is the theme/idea. Focus on learning/teaching/engagement. Has talked to Umpqua about financing. Getting ready to publicize the concept. Needs members of the community to commit to living in it. ROUGHLY using co-housing as the model. 18 units. Ground floor community space/not commercial utilized by the community members. Leaving elevations and floor plans for our interest. Has a year option on the property. Assemble the group then choose form of ownership. Jane asks how this will be different than a building like a condo. Community would be themed/missioned. Lifelong learning and teaching is the mission/vision. Karen Hery asks the WHY question. He affiliates with a group who has a large profit market in Portland. Other senior housing facilities seems owned by public traded corporate entity. Wants to have an independent living community to define their own goals and policies. Variance was once made on height. He hopes that their project fits within that framework. They’ll be in compliance with those conditions.

5. Committee Reports

Sustainability – Jeanne reports the connection to Transition Sunnyside. Evolving into action. Adopted emergency preparedness as a means of resilience. “Walk our talk”. Committee is building an emergency kit. Hosting block parties with EP theme. Folks showed up and talked about crime prevention. Take on your blocks!

LUTC – Next week (v-day) is the meeting. On-going issues seem to be liquor licenses/establishments and neighbors. Review permits etc…Trying to come up with Universal GNA for Belmont. Ongoing discussions around illegal parking.

CP – Improve your lighting, keep shrubs pruned. Break ins on 48th. Graffitti has increased. Chuck’s going to ask our neighborhood police to come to next meeting.

SEUL – April 13th Powell Lanes bowling for neighborhood volunteer appreciation. ONI had no significant cuts in budget. 2 new board members seated. One from RNA, the other from Eastmoreland. SEUL is looking for a new treasurer. Looking for Land Use members. Do we want to use City archivist? EMSW offers free workshops for creating wildlife habitat. Naturescaping for Clean Rivers workshop for Sunnyside. 12/60th & Burnside trying efforts to attempt traffic calming.

6. Announcements

Karen Hery announces hopeful success of the carnival last Saturday in Feb. Useful goods & neighborhood clean up training. Going to charge for useful good exchange this year.ie $1 admission fee. Reminder no fall clean up. 3 day event. St. Stephens has it on their calendar.

Sandy Miller. 2924 SE Alder. Wants to open B&B on 2nd level. Applying for conditional use permit. Inviting neighbors over March 6th to learn more about it.

Jeff Cole from Friends of Trees coordinator. Planted Jan 22. THANKS!

Bill reports from BABA annual dinner meeting is next week.

Jane announces that she has found her replacement for newsletter delivery!

Jacob from Umpqua Bank. Dec 22nd opened Hawthorne & 36th location. Build Your Block challenge. Present an idea for community enhancement project. Would need to be sustainable. Heather asks about playground equipment. $10,000 max. Deadline is Feb 25th for input of idea. Then it gets voted. Anyone in this community. Business owners & residents. 20-40/Division-Belmont.

Thanks for the announcement for their March opening. Going to be on SE art walk. Secret Hideout.

7. Approve minutes from January. Reuben. Gina 2nd. Approved.

8. Next meeting March 10th/Newsletter articles due Feb. 15. Bill will write article on Bike corrals. Horse Brass tribute for Don Younger. Jeanne will write that. Heather suggests an update from Parks about Laurelhurst Pond.

9. Adjourn. Paul moves, Jane 2nd. 8:04pm


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