January 2011 General Meeting Minutes

SNA General Meeting Minutes – Approved

January 13, 2011, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.


Board Members Present: Michele Gila, Jane Pullman, Paul Loney, Bill Stites, Tim Brooks, Gina Binole, Heather Wilson

Excused Absence: Reuben Deumling

Unexcused Absence: Chuck Lawrence

Neighbors and Guests Present: Tim O’Neal, Abby Dacey, Katherine Anderson, Karen Hery, Emily Hery, Adam Green, Valerie Stricklund, Josh Palmer, Edward Morris, Adam Green, Valerie Strickland, Mary Ann Schwab (MAS)

1. Introductions (3 min)

2. Approve Agenda. Circulate Nov. minutes (2 min) Approved.

3. SEUL update (Tim O’Neal 5 min). Until Feb 25th collecting to donate to transition projects for homeless. Linens, blankets, adult clothing, toiletries. Want to recognize & appreciate the n’hood volunteers. Appreciation meeting in April. Bowling competition included. Each n’hood 4-6 people on each bowling team. 2 games bowling + shoes + food. Powell Lanes. Mon 4/25 6-9pm. Kicking around the idea of Soapbox Derby participation 1/31 7-8pm meeting.  Co-sponsor with Center of Earth Leadership “Economics of Happiness” film. Worldwide movement. 1/21 7-10pm will be screened + discussion. First Unitarian Church downtown. $15 donation.

4. Central Catholic High School Master Plan (Abby Dacey 15 min) She works for BOORA. Hired a year ago to vision master plan. School has been at this site for 75 years. Not trying to change classroom count but gain sf for the classes + specialized spaces for special needs/language labs/student commons. Have been working with Buckman and immediate school neighbors. Conditional Use Master Plan is what BOORA is doing. 2 stories above + 1 underground to complete the 4th link. Plus interior remodel. 3rd phase would add 2nd story over original school. Target LEED platinum for first phase. Widen street 4 feet on 24th. Adding pedestrian crossing. Transportation safety is a big issue. Empty lots on west side of 24th at Oak, owned by CCHS and parking added to those lots. Currently have 17 spots on campus. Reducing that to 4. Adding that new parking lot to make up the difference. Curb extensions at 26th crossing. Front angle parking in front of Lone Fir. Neighbors voiced PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION/TRIMET as a parking solution. She responded that is ‘difficult’. Tim asks about solar panels and would they power the school. Phase 1 would have ecoroof. Maybe. Any other traffic flows through PDOT? One way? Portland “doesn’t want to see the grid interrupted”. Tim asks about curb extensions on Stark. Cannot make Stark more narrow without removing parking to create more pedestrian access. Tim suggests moving parking east further at curb extension and remove 3 parking spots. TIMELINE? Conditional Use Master Plan is right now. No plan to submit by certain date? Probably a few more weeks. Mid Feb. Design in June. Construction about a year later. School schedule. PLEASE STAY IN TOUCH.

5. Committee Reports (15 min)

Sustainability – Focused on Emergency/Community Preparedness. Attended City and County formal training “Know Your Neighbor”. To learn how to present that tool to other groups. Some committee members are hosting events at their homes to introduce the idea of being prepared. A way to get together and get to know each other better. As a group, going to design emergency preparedness kits. Anyone is welcome to join. They aren’t ‘advertising’. Email Jane or Reuben if you are interested. MAS attended neighborhood emergency teams network and the communications between neighborhood watch etc…Many streets already have block captains. Meet 2nd Monday of the Month 6-7:30 at SEUL. Please come!

LUTC – Meeting was cancelled this month. Meet right after Sustainability 7:30-8:30. Transportation/Crosswalks/Land Use/ Liquor Licenses. All welcome and bring any concerns you may have.

Crime Prevention – Chuck not here. Our neighborhood is divided into 2 precincts. Frank Silva is Katherine Anderson’s counterpart. She’s east of 39th. Was working with a group of neighbors about the cluster of liquor establishments on Belmont. Katherine brought info on residential burglary. Up 10% on east precinct. East precinct had to drop burglaries by 50% in 4 months and they did it. So successful that police bureau has established a city wide task force. It’s usually 1-2 people that hit a general area. There is no absolute to get rid of it…but many opportunities to reduce/mitigate. SNA/Tabor/Richmond got together to talk about Upper Hawthorne in Oct. Not much attendance. She suspects it’s because there aren’t big problems. Next meeting in April. MAS brings up the hope of changing OLCC to 1 year from 2 year license. Asks board to write a letter of support for current director Steve Pharo to Commissioner Phil Lange commenting on the good work that’s been done and we’d like to keep him there. Portlandmaps.com enter your address and you can see multi level crimes near your home. Portland Police Bureau www.portlandonline.com/police will also give you crime stats, reports, every block. All the 911 calls. Pretty live and updated.

SEUL – Bowling & Soap Box Derby. See Tim O’Neal’s report.

6. Announcements (5 min) Valerie is here from condos at 24/Belmont. 37/Main will be open for first Fridays. It’s a studio where he and his wife live. Karen Hery has the Sunnyside report card. Winter Carnival last Sat. of Feb. Family Entertainment. She’ll submit an article for the newsletter. Can drop by prizes of small toys or stuffed animals. Useful Goods Exchange and Clean up. Ideas for fundraising. Wants to thoughtfully plan the event. Best date is right around Earth Day. 15-17 April would be good all around. Suggest a committee from all aspects of the event. Bill from BABA meeting update: Umpqua Bank at Haw/36th having grand opening. Has feedback on Street Fair for SNA. Interested in meeting with SNA on this subject. Gina for HABA that despite the weather etc..holiday stroll was a success. Hope to recreate it next year. Annual silent auction is 2/17 at Masonic Temple. Looking for business donations. Katherine Anderson mentions heavy towing area where Umpqua Bank is now. Property owner said they would aggressively tow. Homeless man who resides in Sunnyside died at that parking lot. Hypothermia. During the extreme cold.

7. Approve Minutes (2 min) Jane moves to approve. Bill 2nd. Approved.

8. Next meeting Feb. 11, 2011. Newsletter articles due January 17th.

Karen Hery. Gina Binole. Tim O’Neal.

9. Adjourn. 7:57pm





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