November 2010 Board Meeting Minutes

Approved Minutes

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Thursday, Nov 11th, 2010

Southeast Uplift, 3534 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214

Neighbors & Guests: Zach Michand (North Tabor NA)

Board Members: Gina Binole, Jane Pullman, Reuben Deumling, Tim Brooks, Paul Loney, Bill Stites, Michele Gila. Heather Excused. Chuck unexcused.

1. Approve agenda/minutes (2 min). Move to delete item #3. Approved. Minutes approved.

2. December Holiday potluck: planning (10+ min). Holiday Cheer is welcome. Do we want to invite anyone? We assigned Chuck to bring his usual platter. Appreciation of Gary Ballou. Appreciate John Noel. Appreciate Jane. Newsletter delivery people. Add an invite to each stack? Jane will personally call them. Tim suggests someone donate a $10 toward a meal somewhere. Tim will send Reuben of Certificate of Appreciation. Dec. 9th 7-9pm at SEUL. Bill will bring some drinks. Jane will bring a cake. Gina will bring food. BRING FOOD. Bill will talk to the regular food donors since we’ve missed a few months. Move to extend time for agenda. Jane seconds. Entertainment? Deanna Wilder? Bill will ask her. Back up plan? Via email. Singer Songwriter.

3. SNA Budget – report back (Jane 5 min). DELETED.

4. BSF future & SNA’s role – follow up (discussion 5+ min). Tim wants to support the takeover of the BSF. SNA wants to see the BSF continue. Brings people out.  If SNA takes over the responsibilities of the BSF, is it worth having the conversation about the PURPOSE of the fair. Will it still be a commercial endeavor. Would we do as we have been doing? Bill notes that was discussed today. What is the intent? Noted that there was a big focus on vending not so much on community builder. If SNA took it on, we could balance it. Leadership and Collaboration. If we provide the Leadership we would like to see a bit more on community building. Tim moves that SNA supports and wants the street fair to continue and we are prepared to take a leadership role. Paul 2nd. Approved.

5. Newsletter frequency change? (discussion 10 min). Bill: wants to revisit the idea of reducing newsletter frequency to every 2 months. Reduction in resources would drop by half. Believes we’d keep the 80% of benefit. Mentions electronic communication tools. Bill moves to every other month. MG 2nds. Reuben has long been opposed to reduction. Champion of the benefit of monthly. It is a lot of work. And by reducing the time frequency do we lose the continuity of the volunteers. Bill notes there would not be a black hole in the off months. Just an extension. Gina would write an article/poll for the newsletter to see what neighbors want to see. Reuben hears unsolicited positivity around the newsletter. Tim mentions that what he always hears while delivering the support of it. Monthly is important to people. Having done it for so many years, the monthly pattern is helpful. Tim also suspects that if we break it up a bit we’d have advertisers & volunteers drop off. Bill states that he doesn’t agree that we need a 30 day cycle to stay in the groove. Thinks folks would be ok with a 60 day. Thinks we could project articles for the future publications. The benefit for bi-monthly outweighs. Paul says it’s hard to gauge. Focus group of 10 random selected neighbors and quiz them on content to see how well  folks know what is going on. We are biased and intimately involved. 2 yes. 3 no. 1 abstain. Motion fails.

6. Newsletter articles (due November 15). Jane will contribute. Tim will write on Blair. Gina tree recycling. Articles due by 15th. MG/Paul to write cell tower summary.

7. Other Business . Bill wants to talk about Chuck Lawrence.

8. Adjourn. 9:12pm.



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