Work Begins on Sunnyside Community House Good Neighbor Agreement

Thanks to everyone who attended a very productive January 8th meeting of the Safety and Livability Committee. We spent the entirety of the meeting taking the first steps toward a Good Neighbor Agreement (GNA) with the Sunnyside Community House including discussing the goals and purpose of a good GNA (hint: the proof is in the … Continue reading “Work Begins on Sunnyside Community House Good Neighbor Agreement”


The Sunnyside Neighborhood Association has several standing committees and workgroups: Emergency Preparedness Land Use and Transportation Sunnyside Street Tree Team (S2T2) Safety and Livability Community Response and Outreach

Sunnyside Prepared

Invite us to coordinate a workshop for your group, small or large! A committee of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association [Oct 2017 budget report and approved request] Free Emergency Preparedness 101 Workshops! We promise it will be fun and empowering, not scary!¬†Potlucks, public halls, living room dessert parties, local businesses, summer block parties . . … Continue reading “Sunnyside Prepared”

Community House GNA Draft for Public Comment

Big thanks to everyone involved in developing this draft especially the Drafting Committee, Community House guests and volunteers, SNA Board and all of the thoughtful, caring neighbors and community members who made the time and effort to offer their experiences, views and concerns. This draft will be available here for public comment until at least¬†May … Continue reading “Community House GNA Draft for Public Comment”