Emergency Preparedness and the SNA Board

January’s SNA General Meeting will focus on preparedness. Part of this meeting will be dedicated to SNA Board members’ sharing their preparedness efforts. I will be moderating this meeting and I will ask Board members to share where they are on the preparedness continuum. Members of the Sunnyside NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team) will attend. If time allows, other Sunnyside residents may share their preparedness efforts. I hope that you will join us.

Eviction Moratorium Deadlines Extended

As the economic fallout of the Covid crisis continues, many people are increasingly challenged to pay housing costs. I set out to write a summary of the various eviction moratoria in effect in Sunnyside Neighborhood, but found the landscape changing rapidly in the last few weeks of 2020. Since this overview will not be up-to-date by the time this newsletter lands in your hands, additional research is recommended.

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Quality of Life – Personal Training

Owning my own personal training business before Covid meant I could train anywhere – client’s homes and private gyms. Training outside was a fun treat for good weather, and online training was something I had never tried before. In March, my business came to a screeching halt and I HATED taping videos of myself to send to clients! Maintaining client’s progress with limited strength training equipment outdoors was another huge challenge, but I knew I could still contribute to my community’s well being. I focused on creating a weather-friendly outdoor gym and taught myself the wonders of Zoom live training.

Through many trials and errors and reminding myself that EVERYONE has been dealing with their own struggles through this, I learned that we can all adapt to make our community a happier, healthier place. I want to help anyone who desires a healthier, stronger body to not only reach their goals but change their life for the better. Reach out to Kelly for inquiries at qualityoflifetraining@gmail.com

Ezones Map Correction Project

Natural resources like streams, wetlands, plants, trees, and flood areas help move water off private property, store water during flood events, hold hillsides in place, cool the air and provide habitat for wildlife. Protecting these natural resources protects houses, businesses and roads by reducing the risk of flooding and landslides. On some properties, natural resource protections could limit or restrict where new houses or structures may be built. To find out more about how the City is updating these rules and to see if your property is affected, visit https://www.portland.gov/bps/ezones.

City staff will brief the Planning and Sustainability Commission about the project on January 26, 2021. You can watch the briefing on YouTube and learn more about the PSC briefing. To talk directly with staff, email us at ezone@portlandoregon.gov or call 503-823-4225. Interpretation is available.

Friends of Trees Planting Announcement

Friends of Trees is once again planning a neighborhood tree planting event in Sunnyside. On January 30, 2021, we will join with our neighbors in the Kerns, North Tabor and Laurelhurst neighborhoods to plant street and yard trees. Our goal is to improve and diversify our urban canopy.

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