Eviction Moratorium Deadlines Extended

As the economic fallout of the Covid crisis continues, many people are increasingly challenged to pay housing costs. I set out to write a summary of the various eviction moratoria in effect in Sunnyside Neighborhood, but found the landscape changing rapidly in the last few weeks of 2020. Since this overview will not be up-to-date by the time this newsletter lands in your hands, additional research is recommended.

If you are unable to pay your rent, please be sure to do additional research. Some resources to start with include HomeForward (www.homeforward.org), the Community Alliance of Tenants (www.oregoncat.org), and www.211info.org.

Oregon Statewide Moratorium

The Oregon statewide eviction moratorium originally passed on June 26, 2020 ensured that Oregon renters can’t be evicted for non-payment and protects renters from no-cause evictions. Under the state’s order, back rent appears to be due on the day after the moratorium expires; however, some portions of back rent may be due later.

During a special session in late December, the Oregon legislature extended the statewide moratorium through July 1, 2021. This action included $200 million in funding for a rental assistance fund. Landlords can apply for repayment of unpaid back-rent on the condition of forgiving 20% of the debt. Other modifications to the requirements and coverage of the original moratorium may also have been included.

Multnomah County Moratorium

The Multnomah County eviction moratorium aligns with the state moratorium but adds a six-month repayment grace period. During this grace period, renters must pay rent as it comes due and also pay all back rent from the moratorium period. The grace period begins when either the county or the state moratorium expire, whichever is last.

In mid-December, OPB reported that the Multnomah County moratorium expiration date was extended from January 8, 2021 to July 2, 2021.

Other Moratoria
  • The CDC’s federal eviction moratorium does not apply to Sunnyside Neighborhood residents because the State of Oregon and Multnomah County have stronger ordinances in place.
  • The City of Portland has applied the County’s moratorium to cover areas of Portland that are not within the County boundary.

Jessie Maran