December SNA Notes and January Plans

The December SNA General Meeting began with a discussion of the impending end to the moratorium on rental evictions at the end of the year. For more information, please see the related article by Jessie Maran. The SNA would like to help those affected and would love input from neighbors on possible action(s). The meeting then redirected to the Buckman NA meeting featuring Marc Jolin, Director of the Joint Office on Homelessness. His office contracts with over 40 non-profit organizations to help alleviate homelessness and its effects. Like SNA, Marc expressed concern over the evictions of renters that is likely to occur over the coming months. Some of his other main points were:

  • Housing that is not subsidized is financially out of reach to lower income residents. The market alone cannot solve the housing shortage.
  • Over the last 10 months, the Covid crisis has led to a stand-down in moving encampments, a 50 percent reduction in residents in each shelter, and efforts to isolate people with Covid in motels. 82 Covid cases have been reported among the homeless.
  • 2017-19 saw an increase of over 30 percent in chronically homeless in our area.
  • The Shelter to Housing Continuum (S2HC) proposed code changes address the need for a wider range of shelter options. Marc supports the proposal. For more about S2HC, visit

Those interested in learning more are encouraged to visit

Neighbors familiar with the housing issues in Portland may not have learned many new facts. However, Marc expressed unmistakable optimism about the opportunities presented by increased resources from Metro Measure 26-210. Also on display was a nuanced approach to the many affected groups including domestic violence survivors and the immigrant refugee community, not always top of mind.

Hope to see you at the January SNA General Meeting on January 14th. Stay safe. Happy New Year.

Dave Boush