2019 SNA Board Election & Bylaws Revision Results

The big winner of the night, hands down, was Lorraine’s curried chicken.  YUM.

Beyond that, I’m happy to say our bylaws revision providing the Board with more meeting schedule flexibility in order to allow broader neighborhood participation passed, following a very helpful and lively discussion.  Thanks to Chris for brining up some important questions regarding notification lead times for “off schedule” meetings as well as Jan for keeping us on topic and reminding us of some important background and context.

I’m also happy to report that Colin Wonnacott will be joining the board and sad to say that Maggie McGann will no longer be lending her considerable insight to the board.  We all have great hope that she’ll remain connected and involved.

Please join us at our June meeting where we’ll be working on committee and project assignments.  We are looking especially for willing neighbors to help out with events, communications and resource development through the coming year.  Spread the word and remember, you don’t have to be on the board to help out!

Matt Lembo

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