SNA To Comment on City Proposed 2035 Comprehensive Plan

NOTE: There is an updated draft of the resolutions as of 1/6/2015.  Click here to review the latest proposal.  The updated document primarily combines similar resolutions, adds a request for a planning process, extends the request for historical review to Hawthorne and one more block of Belmont, and adds an additional section on affordable housing strategies.

After many months of work, the SNA Land Use and Transportation Committee (LUTC) made a presentation to the board on December 18th of the city’s most recent proposed 2035 Comprehensive Plan draft, specifically commenting on the proposed Comprehensive Plan map changes.

The scope of the proposed Comprehensive Plan is massive and there are many ways for individuals to get involved before it is adopted by city council.   In particular we urge neighbors to review the proposed draft and make comments directly to the city through their online map application.

With the limited time available as volunteers and the complexity of the questions posed by this process, the SNA LUTC has focused its proposal on Comprehensive Plan map designations along Belmont St. and Hawthorne Blvd.  The city’s Comprehensive Plan map designations are focused on these two corridors and not the single family residential on either side of them.  Among the most noticeable of the City’s proposed changes is the creation of new Mixed Use Comprehensive Plan map designations to be implemented by new Mixed Use Zones that will replace much of the commercial zoning that currently exists on our corridors.

The impetus behind the City’s proposed Comprehensive Plan map update is a desire to accommodate Portland’s projected population growth in the coming decades and to provide a variety of housing options in areas with plentiful housing, commercial uses, public facilities, transit, and other services close-in to downtown.  Encouraging development in these areas is felt to be critical in meeting the goals of Portland’s Climate Action Plan.

The SNA LUTC felt that the city proposal was largely appropriate, but also decided on a series of suggestions which have been referred to the board.  These resolutions advocate for additional City actions, services and resources to accompany the expected increase in households.  The resolutions ask the city to take care in protecting the historic character of a core segment of Belmont St.  The resolutions aim to produce a consistent commercial corridor along Belmont St. and Hawthorne Blvd. with new residences above that accommodate a mix of incomes and household sizes.

Here is a PDF document containing these proposed resolutions.  (See above for an updated document)  It may be helpful to review these proposals with a map of the neighborhood handy. The SNA LUTC has published a companion article you may find informative, Comprehensive Plan Resolutions: A Primer.

The SNA LUTC will present these resolutions at the General meeting, January 8th from 7-8PM at Southeast Uplift ( 3534 Southeast Main Street) in the Fireside Room.  There will be time for public comments on the proposal at this time.  Immediately following the General Meeting, the SNA Board will meet from 8-9PM in the same location to deliberate and vote on these resolutions.  The public is welcome to attend both meetings.

Comments can be sent prior to the meeting to [email protected].


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