March 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

SNA Board Meeting Minutes – Approved

March 10th 2011 8pm

Board members in Attendance: Gina Binole, Bill Stites, Paul Loney, Heather Wilson, Jane Pullman, Tim Brooks

Excused Absence: Reuben Deumling, Michele Gila

Unexcused Absence: Chuck Lawrence

Gina Binole as Secretary for Michele

Approve Agenda

1—Neighborhood Cleanup details – Karen Hery –  Karen really sees the Useful Goods Exchange and Spring Clean Up  as neighborhood events.  She is at tonight’s meeting  to run by the board how she is combining them. There are only two key decisions for the board:

1)Conduct one or two events, and

2)How the revenue will be divided.

Karen says Sunnyside is the only neighborhood in Tim’s (from SEUL) jurisdiction doing two neighborhood clean ups.

Tim B: How would no decision affect planning? Karen says it would limit her ability to inform neighbors at this event that there would not be a fall clean up. If we don’t say that, people will think there’s a fall one.

Paul: do we have more dumpsters in the spring? Karen says that in the fall, there were 30 families that participated.

Karen: It always rains too much in the fall.

Jane: Spring is like spring clean up.

Karen: I will only do one in the spring. I will not do one in the fall.

Jane motioned to hold only one clean up in the spring and Bill seconded. Tim said his reservation would be what if someone decided to step up and organize the fall? Motion carries.

Karen: My biggest priority this year is just to run a great event. Leave the clean up structure as it always has been.

Karen says she will be charging a fee for the useful goods exchange for the first time. $2 is being discussed. Eventually we will be out of grant funding for this fee. The event went from $1500 from the neighborhood  the first year to $200 this year.

Money from the clean up will go to the neighborhood as it always has.

Traditionally Karen has done 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 to the school, Swap Shop and SNA. She is proposing the same this year, although the school (SES) is no longer a player other than staffing parent and student volunteers. 1/3 would be held by the Swapshop as a starter fund for the next year, 1/3 goes to the Swapshop and 1/3 goes to the SNA.

Tim moves we support the funding allocation, Heather seconds. Motion approved.

2 — SNA Budget – Tim Brooks – A couple of things jumped out — $250 for the hotline. Seemed like a lot to the board.

Tim said the rest of the numbers are projecting off numbers from last year.

Jane questioned the $2,000 for the street fair. Tim said BABA traditionally never shared funds with us. $2000 in revenue from street fair is because of the new arrangement, and it’s actually conservative. Initial estimation was $3,000.

Board pondered whether  we will carry on the commercial fund raising effort John perpetuated for the Street Fair or if we would scale it back somewhat, such that it is not about raising money.

Board discussed donations, and moving the $1000 nest egg we have into other donations to make for a balanced budget and increases our ability to donate to causes the board deems worthy throughout the year.

Clean up appears in both revenue and expense categories, so it’s difficult to track. That could change, especially if they start going the direction of Richmond NA.

Could move that $1000 nest egg (not reflected in Tim’s budget) into the other donation column. Jane motions to approve the budget as amended, Heather seconds. Motion carries.

3—Do we continue to support Mt. Tabor concerts for  $250  — we could contribute whatever we want. Board agrees it’s a good thing to support. (Issue was discussed in greater detail at general meeting) They’re really well-attended. – Gina makes a motion to support, Jane seconds. Motion carries.

Due to the late hour, the board agrees to table discussion of SES rainwater cistern since no action is necessary, as well discussion of what can be voted upon /discussed via email was pushed back to next month.

4-Board agrees to sponsor or host the Multnomah County Soil & Water Conservation District workshop at SEUL on March 28. Jane has been responsible for putting together this event.

The issue was brought before the board via email. The board agreed it was a good thing to do and Tim motioned to use funds from the newly approved budget and allocate up to $40 for snacks and materials.

4-Street Fair update Tim – Street Fair update – Jane and Gina suggest more local participation at booths, Tim mentioned they’ve discussed an artist alley, where booths would sell for $20 rather than $30.

Jane volunteers to teach spinning and dying yarn with vegetables to kids.

Booths are $60, which is fine for a real commercial venture.

Tim also said he and the BABA president have discussed offering free booths for certain non-profits, scholarships, work to put up posters, etc.

There has been some discussion about extending the fair hours into the evening. Heather suggested we let neighbors know we are considering this and ask for feedback via the newsletter.

Tim is hoping to secure March 4 Marching Band.

The board also discussed not changing things up too much as we transition from John to Tim & Bill.

The board agreed to scale back the booths a bit and make room for things like the artists alley without necessarily expanding the reach for some of these things.

February Board minutes approved.



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