Bring Your Stuff to Dump & Swap at St. Stephens Church April 15-17

The annual Useful Goods Exchange held at Sunnyside Environmental School for the past four years and the long running Sunnyside Neighborhood Clean Up have merged to become the Sunnyside Swap and Spring Clean Up. This combined effort to reduce, reuse and recycle will all take place at the Saint Stephens Catholic Church gym and parking lot Friday, April 15 – Sunday, April 17.

Drop off of useful goods begins on Friday 6-9pm through the main doors of the gym and continues on Saturday 9-4.   If you drop off your useful goods on Friday you will receive free entry to the swap on Saturday.

Collection of bulky waste and recyclables (see list and costs below) takes place on Saturday 9-noon in the church parking lot.

Swapping happens all day on Saturday 9-4 in the gym.  $2 admission donation per family.

Rummage Sale: All items not swapped on Saturday are part of the rummage sale on Sunday 10-1.   All items in the rummage sale are free 12:30-1 on Sunday. Remaining items at the end of the rummage sale will be given to charities.

All money raised during the clean up is collected by the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association as a community fundraiser.  Proceeds of the swap and rummage sale are split one third to the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association,  one third to the Sunnyside Swap Shop Co-op and one third held by the Sunnyside Swap Shop as a starter fund for next year’s event.

For more information, including what to bring and items that can’t be discarded at the clean up, please visit


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