SNA seeks feedback on recent Sunnyside School Park changes

SNA requests input from all Sunnyside School Park users and neighbors on operational and design changes that were instituted at the park last spring by Portland Public Schools and Portland Parks and Recreation. These changes included:

* granting exclusive use of the park by the school from 9am to 3pm on school days.

* demarcating the northeast corner of the park with a row of boulders as being for public use at all hours. (A new play structure for pre-school children was planned in this location but has not been implemented to date.)

Please provide any comments related to the operational and design changes, your perspective on whether these changes are positive or not, and if not, how they might be improved to better serve your needs as a park user or neighbor. Please describe the nature and frequency or your use of the park, school or surrounding neighborhood, and if and how it has changed since the new rules were instituted.

Please post your comments to this site, or email [email protected] or call the SNA Hotline at 503 295-1655.


4 thoughts on “SNA seeks feedback on recent Sunnyside School Park changes”

  1. I think the changes have been helpful. We have a 3rd grader & 6th grader at SES and it is helpful that the school grounds can be used for recess, PE, and outdoor learning without the distraction of dogs. This was a problem in the past and it’s better now.

  2. Part of our daily walks in the Sunnyside neighborhood is through the park. So, the changes have not really effected us. We were glad to see there was a portion of the park left for the public use..we see many homeless people enjoying the park during the day.

  3. One further comment: I was a little disappointed that we could no longer take the grandkids to the swings during the school hours. For some reason I didn’t realize that section would also be off limits.


  4. I’m happy with the shift to exclusive use for the school from 9-3. Mixed use created many problems that the teachers had to deal with, while now they can focus on educating and supervising the students.

    The corner seems a little odd to me, and not terribly useful in the current state. Occasionally I see someone sitting at the table there, but most of the time it seems like wasted space.

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