Safer Crossings in Sunnyside. Let’s Celebrate!

Autumn greetings!

You are cordially invited to a little celebration and inaugeration of the new “Pedestrian Safety Improvement” in front of our SE Multicultural Service Center (4610 S.E. Belmont St.) at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 28th!   After 14 years since the subject was first discussed, and more than 8 years since our first formal request to the city, the project is finally very close to completion!  Join us outside (rain or shine) for a little symbolic ribbon-cutting and a few words from those who were involved in the process; then retreat inside to the Loaves and Fishes dining room for a little cake, ice cream, and hot refreshments.

This event is a late add-on to our center’s annual “Wintering In” service day.  See attached flyer and forward it to those you feel would benefit by attending.

Many, many thanks for supporting and contributing to the crosswalk project!   I look forward to seeing you there!

Darvel Lloyd
Chair, S.E. District Senior Advisory Council

P.S. I’ve tried to include as many supporters and “key” people as I could remember in the “Bcc” box; however, if you know anyone who deserves an invitation but did not receive this, please forward it along.  Parking close-in is a bit difficult, so plan to park on the side streets or take the bus (#15).


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