Crossing Belmont Street

From Darvel Lloyd, Chair  S.E. District Senior Advisory Council

Accident on August 11th

As you may know, another major pedestrian accident occurred on August 11th in front of our S.E. Multicultural Service Center, in which an elderly Loaves and Fishes client had just finished lunch and was struck by a car while attempting to cross Belmont St. He ended up in the hospital with a broken leg and other injuries.  This makes three serious accidents in that block in the last year-and-a-half.  We have waited a long time for a pedestrian safety improvement here (at least 8-9 years!!), but FINALLY  it is about to happen, thanks to all of your advocacy efforts (and patience)!

Construction timeline

Both the Mayor’s Office and Kyle Chisek (POBOT Engineer in charge) just told me that our project is “next on the list” and construction will begin within the next two weeks–as soon as a school project is finished.  Kyle said that a number of city transportation projects were delayed because of the cool spring and early summer.

Speed limit reduction on Belmont?

After this latest accident occurred, I e-mailed the Portland Bureau of Transportation, requesting their safety experts to seriously consider lowering the 30 mph speed limit in that 2-3 block stretch of Belmont Street (from 44th Ave. to 47th Ave.) to


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