Transition Sunnyside

Transition Sunnyside is an effort by the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association dedicated to transforming our neighborhood into one that relies more on people than on machines, more on community than on the electricity grid, more on creative local solutions than on imported products, more on the slower pace of human locomotion than on speedy fossil fuels. We are motivated by the combination of Peak Oil and Climate Change, and a desire to be better prepared for other kinds of emergencies as well.

For the past year we’ve organized a series of talks, films, and workshops around the subject of fossil fuels and how to use less of them at the local level; how to grow more of our food, meet a larger share of our transportation needs ourselves, and how to keep our houses comfortable using more insulation and creative approaches to heating. Many of you attended these events, and we enjoyed getting to know you a little better.

Transition Towns is an upbeat, grassroots model for transforming neighborhoods, towns, and cities into resilient communities, capable of thriving in a world where cheap oil and a stable climate are fast becoming things of the past. In July, 2009 our little SE Portland neighborhood became the first Neighborhood Transition Initiative, and the 37th initiative in the US (most of the others are towns or cities, including Transition PDX (Portland).

SNA, particularly through the sustainability committee, aims to prepare for short and long term emergencies, to build community resilience in the face of uncertainty, whether due to climate change, peak oil, or economic instability. We welcome your input and participation as we try to increase the visibility of these issues and improve our collective preparedness.

The point of Transition is to encourage the community to take these issues seriously and to begin grappling with the implications of our fossil fuel dependence. Weaning ourselves from gasoline, natural gas, and electricity generated from coal isn’t going to happen overnight, and some of it is not easy. A lot of it, though, is easier once you get to know someone who’s figured out how to do it.

PARKing Day in Sunnyside

Celebrate PARK(ing) Day and The Intertwine!

Parking spaces transform into mini-parks on September 17

Parking Day park in 2009

Get ready for a green invasion on Friday, September 17 as PARK(ing) Day takes to the streets in the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area — and around the world! PARK(ing) Day demonstrates the need for urban green space and while it does get people’s attention for the day, all around our region many other green spaces and trails that make up The Intertwine can bring joy every day.

Rebar, a San Francisco art and design studio, created PARK(ing) Day in 2005. Since then, it has become an ongoing, worldwide, open-source experiment in reclaiming public space. Learn how Rebar combines design and activism at

Sunnyside will enjoy its park adjacent to the SE 33rd & Belmont bike corral. Thanks to the businesses Utopia and Dick’s Kitchen for being on board. And a big shout out to SNA’s Bill Stites for actively coordinating this yet again this year.

August Board of Directors Minutes

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Thursday, August 12, 2010

Southeast Uplift, 3534 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214

Board Members Present: Reuben Deumling, Paul Loney, Jane Pullman, Michele Gila,

Tim Brooks, Chuck Lawrence, Bill Stites, Heather Wilson, Gina Binole

Guests: Allen Field, Mary Ann Schwab

Paul moved approve agenda. Approved.

Michele asks Were Board meeting agenda approved last month? No one thinks they were officially, however it did follow that order.

1. Allen from RNA. Decision needed for SNA $187 contribution. Jane moves we support. Bill asks question. Michele 2nds motion. Motion passes. What can we do? GET THE WORD OUT. Reminds us of their promise to host annual fundraiser. Reuben discusses cost of color printing. Newsletter insertion? Side bar preferred. Promote at Belmont street Fair. Heather suggests at the produce booth. We table printing costs until after item #3. RNA has account at UPS store and hopes to tap that. Jane asks about Bagdad advertising. Alan talks about Press Release for it to WW. When does RNA need check from Treasurer. Reuben will coordinate that with Jane.

2. Put this whole communications topic on next board agenda. ASK TONY to join. An overview: Agenda will be on dry erase board. Minutes distributed via email prior to meetings to cut down on print waste. Michele will bring hard copy of all to each meeting just in case. Also discussed developing an email list of all neighbors who attend so as Bud suggested we can reach out and Welcome each new attendee and give them info on neighborhood meetings etc…Facebook logo in newsletter? Working on the new website. Renew domain name. $14.97 per year on WordPress. Cost savings from current site. Jane asked for People Get Ready to be a committee category, as well as SEUL. Talked about basically including all that is on current website. Michele reminds everyone there is a subscribe button to the web blog.

3. Budget. On back of function order for film project exists subcommittee report.

Paul points out it’s more than a subcommittee report. Doesn’t seem useful.

Long term balance of $4000 in account. Paul wants to see the technical of How We Do It? Paul is looking for procedure. MAS points out past donation to children’s club is still sitting in the basement. Jane thought the task was to develop budget. Reuben thinks the meat is criteria and dollar amount. Bill asks what our annual income is and no one seems to know. About $9000 in account. Tim wants to connect with Paul on the structure. We all don’t follow this report. Back to drawing board.

4. Chuck wants to give report. Jae’s Market before & after photos. 47/Belmont. Hooray!

5. Board focus 2010. Suggestion for theme or sustainability or something so we organize meetings around. Reuben finds we aren’t doing that due to obvious reasons. Should we rescue the theme? Do we want  agenda items for the theme? Jane suggests being proactive. Newsletters can organize around the theme. At what point do we manage things that aren’t that crucial, Jane asks. Be a bit more purposeful. To take more of a leadership role. Thinks we are primarily reactive. Paul brings up history of 2 hour General and 2 hour Board meetings. Heather suggests committee reports at beginning of the meetings while we have most people here to get them interested in joining committees.

6. Michele reminds all of our annual retreat outline for website & newsletter update. September is Back to school. Clean up. Milk jugs. Street Fair. Mural project. (Tim thinks we need to invite everyone to next meeting if we are going to take a position.) Paul asks if they have permission from FM yet? Doesn’t sound like it.

7. Since SNA & RNA both support tree planting on FM site we will put this in newsletter. Heather promises not to drop the ball. She still has the info.

8. Tim will get Gulliver’s article together.

9. 9:26 meeting adjourned.

August General Meeting Minutes

August Approved Minutes

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association General Meeting Thursday, August 12, 2010

Southeast Uplift, 3534 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214

Board Members Present: Reuben Deumling, Paul Loney, Jane Pullman, Michele Gila,

Tim Brooks, Chuck Lawrence, Bill Stites, Heather Wilson, Gina Binole

Neighbors and Guests: Lee Greer, Al Stern, Esteban Camacho, Allen Field, Taro Tomisawa, Doug Klotz, Elinor Friedberg, Karl Blume, Peter Hutkins, Thalis Begun, Kirk Baillie, Daniel Fogg, Kevin Levy, Blaine Bartholomew, John Barker, Phaedra Cole, Kate Schoninger, Carmen Viciconte, Lee Silverman, Matt Pearson, Steven Topp, Shiho Ikeda, Natsumi Hata, Naobumi Yamada, Michael Gray, Charlotte Kemp, Katherine Anderson, Ken Diener, Diane Phillips, SE Hayes

1. Introductions

2. Approve Agenda- Approved

3. Clearwire – Reuben reviews the state of affairs. One LUTC meeting. Steven Topp is here with 2 other reps from C’Wire.

(Bill interjects with reminder on timer)

Facility in the general neighborhood is proposed. 29/Yamhill. No photo sims at initial meeting then went to Topp. Looked about for alternate location at 32/Yamhill. Had meeting with neighbors and took tour of both sites. Outside power station amendable with PGE. Relative height. flush mount at top. no shroud. Can add if desired. Equip. cab NOT in yard. Right of way in vault, adjacent to. Underground in the street in vault. He said 91′ won’t require another meeting to meet requirement of City. WHAT IS LOCATION? asks Reuben. On street outside fenced compound. SE asks if construction has started. NO. Katherine asks about dimension of pole and what is ‘shrouding’. Pole 21″ diameter at top. 6″ antenna on 3 sides. “or might be more”. Verified 3 from C’wire engineer. Microwave dish antenna on top of that. Photos sims will be circulated by request. What color? painted brown or rusted oxidation. 24″ at bottom. WHY in RES? Poles are way shorter on Belmont and can only go up 15′ from there so signal won’t work. 45% of ht of pole or 15 feet, whichever is less. Heather clarifies base diameter. Says photo is out of line. “I THINK” is his answer. Might be bigger. Rambled on about pole replacement. Reuben clarifies on SE question about the ratio for height of poles.

Fellow C’Wire person chimes in about amount of signal. If shorter pole they’d have to go 2 sites, so to keep it 1 pole, it’s tall. Reuben asks about height of building install. Said it’s specific to location. Reuben asks if space on the poles going to be leased to others. Topp says THEY won’t lease but PGE owns the pole. Possibility to grow with more. Gina asks about customer gas on future growth in various neighborhoods. NO INFO he says. Topp has no idea what their customer base is. In order to have on site it must be 90′. How far with next pole? “Hole in the systems” is the engineer response. Talks about each location to be specifically different. But the math still doesn’t make a difference.

Tim brings up 2 small pole idea. In the interest of n’hood friendly, why not 2 shorter poles along Belmont? Tim clarifies that it hasn’t been looked at and doesn’t know if it would work or not. C’wire gal says PGE says they can’t add to poles that wire transmit or criss cross. Tim points out again that  it appears it hasn’t been explored. ‘system is highly designed’ and have to integrate into our existing system. Must be precise, says Engineer. Jane asks about demise of C’wire. Who will take down poles. Topp says they’ll be removed. Performance Bond on all poles. Topp asks if antenna or both the pole. They will lease pole from PGE. C’wire is subsidiary of Sprint. Reubuen asks to be kept in the loop.

4. Safeway Remodel. Ken Deener joins and Diane Phillips. Astoria model, as typical Safeway store, peaked roof, fuel station. parking lot. Since then they have gone to the more urban design…Lloyd center etc… Tried to bring in elements they’ve seen around, tile, arches, brick, low profile. More urban. Comes right to street, no set back. NE corner of site remains at Hawthorne.  29th & 27th access underground parking. Truck traffic comes through signal at 27th and exits site on Hawthorne. Bike parking question by Jane & Doug from  Richmond also commented on more bike parking needed. Diane says she can get us that info. Added bike parking at each entry + covered bike parking. Jane clarifies to ask for wanting more bike parking…are they amenable to adding more? Diane says they are in full compliance with BDS codes. Starbucks will be at the one corner with indoor and outdoor seating, on property, not on right of way. 56000 sf will be new store. Katherine asks bout crime prevention through environmental design. And if they can be involved to look at plans about congregating around existing site. Once it’s built then it’s hard to change. Diane said they are open to suggestions.Parking lot will close when store closes. Says they are cleaning up the back. Apologizes. Hoping to clean that up and Maxi lighting. Katherine brings up light pollution. Tim asks if they are going to look at green roof. She said no not in this location. “Business” reasons “Not here”. Tim mentions PR would support Ecoroof. Tim says this would be a good experiment. Heather asks if structure could support Ecoroof. “I don’t know” says Diane. Paul asks about crime prevention regarding bottle and can return. IN basement/garage. Green standards at all? Recycling materials. Taking grease containers and testing them indoors to recycle. Eliminating compactors and recycling more materials. Buys offsets for trucks/wind power. Parking access on 27th across from Funeral Home. Window/door opening is larger. It’s a daylite corner because it follows the level of the street.

5. Hawthorne Open. Kevin Levy. Sep 19th could move if need be to another date. 62 houses in Hawthorne District. SEUL allows a booth in parking lot if a non-profit will sponsor his project.  Making map for biking route of the Open. Refreshments. Reuben asks about sponsorship. Needs non-profit sponsorship. Wants SNA sponsorship. Are is roughly SE 30th-SE 50th, Stark-Division. It’s coming up for Richmond Assn and their issue is coming up with guidelines. How do you get around underlying issue of non-profit. We use SEUL non-profit status. So it doesn’t really make sense. Reuben confirms that ours doesn’t exist. Kevin doesn’t know that PMAR is a non-profit after Michele suggests asking them for sponsorship. Kevin wants an announcement in newsletter. SEUL non profit purpose…is this consistent. FOR PROFIT concerns. We get the spirit.  Michele asks Kevin to talk later about going to PMAR.

6. Formation of working group for SES…

Reuben preamble. Just an idea.  Use/access.: Parties, School, pps, parks, occasionally SNA and lesser degree “just neighbors”. Overall process less than idea. Marlys was notified of our objection to process. Motion to convene a smaller group of folks who live here, use park, send kids there etc…interested in the continuation of it remaining a park. City Level agencies not a part of the effort. That’s the idea because they don’t seem to take local input. Jane asks for clarification on concept. How it will be utilized? Reuben points out not everyone is happy with the way things are happening now. Thinking long term of livability…a group to get together without purpose, but just to talk and have open communication about the on-going issues with Parks or PPS hijacking the purpose. Gina thinks without purpose how could it be a committee, but perhaps rather quarterly coffee meeting. Bill echoes the quarterly coffee in neutral location. Heather asks if it could then be an agenda item on regular meetings. At least these meetings bring us together and have room for more contribution from those not so in the loop. Jane likes idea. Face to face. Mending. Tim clarifies that this process wasn’t hijacked by PPS or Parks. But by others. George Slanina mentions this past board elections and neighbor turn-out…community interest in that issue. Neighbor asks for mediation assistance possibility. MAS confused about boulders. Very upset. Path is clear and patrolled and watched. Boulders are dangerous in her opinion. Church’s children’s club is upset. Jeff Milkes is working his best to work with regular users. PPS and Principal needs to place more staff on playground if the final thought.

7. Committee Reports

Sustainability – focusing on emergency preparedness. Talk to Jane or Jeanne or Reuben for more.

Crime – photos supplied by Chuck of before and after for graffiti removal.

LUTC- no agenda items this month. 2 new liquor apps at hawthorne hop house 4111 Hawthorne. Just starting to delve into that. East half of IABP…looks like changed owners to Sunnyside Outhouse. Outdoor patio under consideration for outdoor seating until midnite. Not as upscale.

SEUL – Jane. 8/2 staff meeting for SEUL put together work plan for a strategic direction. Encouraging board to develop a work plan. Jane walked away with a How could SNA take advantage of SEUL offerings and how can we work together to make better use of the resources? What would be helpful to SNA to bring from those meetings and what can Jane bring to them. Seeking better connection.

8. Minutes. June Minutes. No changes. Jane moves to approve General minutes. Bill 2nd. Motion carries.

July – Jane moves approval . Lee 2nd. Motion carries.

9. Announcements. Gina says Kern Hery’s daughter and friends are providing babysitting for NA. Starting in September. Gets service hours through SES. Karen also getting the word out regarding Back to School Exchange in basement of church.

Esteban. Looking for support for his art project. Wants to work with Richmond, Laurelhurst, SNA and SEUL for mural project on Hawthorne Fred Meyer. Premise that FM started in OR. Portland Commission of HIspanic Affairs in support. Fruit Picking and employees organizing produce and customers buying. To show the circle of where the food comes from. Wants to hear our thoughts. Allen says at RNA we talked about planting trees at that sidewalk. Wants to propose native vegetation to go with this theme of agriculture. Did a mural at PSU LEED building at school of social work. Wants a letter of support then will work via email for design approval. Pear is one of the sponsors of the project. They are the ones organizing the hispanic youth. Reuben hopes for help with Rodolfo for letter in newsletter for our Sep. meeting. Involves Ceasr Chavez mural. Will it get into the politics? He wants our feedback. Mural will show the history. On agenda for next month. Jane states support. Kevin Levy hugely supports.

Katherine Anderson. Crime prevention program. Prescription drug turn in. Environmental impact concerns…proper disposal so not abused by others. Gateway Fred Meyer collection site. September 18th 10-4. She’ll have something ready for newsletter.

BIll SHIFT list organizing a memorial for Thurs 19th at 6:45. Would be his 40th b-day. Died at 28th. 37/Taylor. 7:15 Ride of Silence.

George. Question for board. Are we going to take a position on the C’Wire pole?

Alan August 21st. Richmond. Movies in the Park Silent Film. Sewallcrest Park. The Lost World. In 1991 Baghdad to do annual fundraiser for Richmond and SNA and so it’s being negotiated for this to happen. Terms of contract distributed to neighbors present. Split the cost between RNA & SNA. RNA wrote the $375 on Monday. Needs $187 from SNA. Sep. 19th Gulliver’s Travels. $10 tickets. Fundraiser for both NAs. 187 people to break even. 600 capacity theater. Press releases/slides at all McMens. No guarantee to band. MAS moves to support. Paul says Out of Order. Paul moves to adjourn meeting.

Meeting Adjourned.

Rx Drug Turn-In Event. Turn in your unused prescription drugs!

Saturday September 18th, 10:00am-4:00pm at the Gateway Fred Meyer store at NE 102nd & Halsey. Look for the Portland Police Bureau Mobile Precinct.

The purpose of the one day event is to destroy unused and potentially dangerous prescription drugs in a manner that raises awareness about the abuse of prescription drugs among teens, while protecting our waterways. Community members will be able to turn in unused prescription medications, obtain information about keeping kids safe from the abuse of prescriptions drugs, and interact with Crime Prevention Coordinators and Portland Police Officers. Prescription medications turned in at this event will be incinerated.

What to Bring:

  • Expired or unwanted prescription medications.
  • Drugs that are no longer used
  • Medicine from desceased family members

Leave all medicines in their orginal containers if possible. Please do NOT bring thermometers, needles, or medical waste of any type. For more info contact Jenni Bernheisel at 503-823-2781 or