Crossing Belmont

Hello everyone,

In case you haven’t seen it – the work on the improved crossing at 46th and Belmont is at about the mid-point.  The sidewalk has been reconstructed and the curb extension has been formed to be “poured.”  The last bit of finishing work to be completed will be striping the actual crosswalk and TriMet relocating the bus stop.

Just thought I’d give everyone an update.

Thank you for your patience!


Kyle Chisek

Project Management | Portland Bureau of Transportation

1120 SW Fifth Ave Rm 800 | Portland, OR 97204

(: 503-823-7041 | *

People Get Ready

This year we are focusing on Emergency Preparedness. We intend to introduce each other to the resources that local institutions such as the City of Portland, Multnomah County, The Red Cross, and others have available, and work toward concrete actions that would increase our chances of responding well to earthquakes, floods, fires, etc.

Assembling an emergency kit and conducting drills are just two of the actions we will be focusing on in the coming months. We also intend to bridge the gap between preparing for short term disasters and longer term emergencies we anticipate arising with climate change and the ongoing arrival of Peak Oil. Some of the challenges in the two kinds of emergencies are expected to be similar (know your neighbors, be prepared/plan for things to  be different) while others are probably not (source food locally, learn to get around without heavy reliance on a car, heat house without fossil fuels, etc.).