Hawthorne at Home to Stay Up Year Round, Plaza at 37th Opens

Hawthorne at Home (https://www.hawthorneblvd.com/HAH), the online version of the Hawthorne Street Festival described in these pages last month, will now stay up year-round. The HBBA says it is not too late for Hawthorne businesses to develop their booth and it is free. Businesses “own” their booth and can use it for other online events too. The booths and other cool things on HBBA’s website are increasing weekly. There are now activities for kids, like a coloring page, a maze, and demonstrations from Echo Theater.  

The Hawthorne Plaza at 37th Avenue opened in September and should remain at least through October. There will be art in the street, places to sit and eat your lunch, to visit responsibly, and see the many shops nearby.  If you know an artist who would like to submit a design for the 11×100 center safety zone or for an 11×11 square, have them send their rough design to [email protected].  All pictures and no words, please.

Dave Boush