Sunnyside Prepared Meeting Notes – Jul 19 2016

Sunnyside is more Prepared every day! 🙂 At our meeting we exchanged lots of great ideas, and developed new plans.

  • We had 14 attendees; five joined us for the first time. There were eight NETs, including two visiting from Buckman and Hosford-Abernathy who shared their experience and excellent suggestions.
  • Outreach and volunteer opportunities! (NET training is NOT required. But for NETs, helping at these events counts toward your 12-hour annual service requirement.)
    • Our Belmont Street Fair booth, Sep 10. Volunteers are needed 9:30am-8pm. Please read more and consider signing up for a short shift. We’ll be giving away free 2.5gal water containers to the public, so our booth will be especially popular this year. (Kudos for Kenton/Arbor Lodge NET for providing the containers.)
    • Hawthorne Street Fair, Aug 28, coordinated by Richmond NET.
    • Buckman Picnic, Aug 14, 5-8pm.
    • Della is leading outreach to local businesses to gain their support and make the Sunnyside Prepared “brand” ubiquitous in our ‘hood. Want to help?
    • We will never be finished preparing, so let’s prioritize projects that interest you and will keep you engaged. What would you like to do? 
  • We are collaborating with Mark Wells of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, and also the SNA Crime Prevention Committee to integrate better with NET. It’s a no-brainer. On Sep 20 there will be a training session for Neighborhood Watch Block Organizers; info is on NextDoor.
  • Jan discussed the hot topic of ATVs and SUVs (“alternatively trained volunteers” and “spontaneous untrained volunteers”). Both will be key components of our Operations Plan.
  • Ann and Lee described their very successfuly block party which had an emergency preparedness theme, and featured a visit from the Firefighters of Station 09. We also had an excellent presentation about pee/poo buckets and composting toilets. Let us know if you’d like to replicate this kind of event on your block. Fifty+ people attended and appreciated the info.
  • Ann offered to research nearby locations where PBEM might be able to hold NET Basic Training classes. With 30+ NET Applicants in Sunnyside (and 1,100+ citywide) we want to host a training locally to make it easier for people to attend. Give a shout if you’d like to help in any way.
  • Bill from Hosford-Abernathy NET is a geologist and provides “neighborhood geology” presentations to small groups/potlucks to explain the conditions in our micro-neighborhoods. We’re following up with him. Contact us if you’re interested in hosting.
  • Sunnyside Neighborhood Association update
    • At its regular meeting Jul 14 the SNA board approved the balance of of our $1,209 budget request to support printing & outreach through Nov 2016.
    • We appreciate the board’s continued support of our collective work to keep Sunnyside Prepared!
  • Next meeting: Tue, Sep 20 2016, 6-6:30pm We are skipping August to devote time to the public outreach events. This brief Sep meeting will precede the Neighborhood Watch training session mentioned above. I’m planning to schedule a NET team exercise in October.
  • Register your Fred Meyer Rewards account to leverage your purchases for the Sunnyside NET equipment fund. You still get all your own rewards, plus benefit the team! Just log into (or create) your account and search for organization # 88309 (Friends of Portland Fire & Rescue).

Many thanks to all of you who participate in any and every way to build community and help all of us prepare!

Sunnyside Prepared Meeting Notes – June 21, 2016

  • Six NETs attended our election meeting. Glenn C. Devitt was appointed team leader for a two-year term.
  • Our special event, Magnitude 7.9 Nepal Earthquake: The Firsthand Experience of Dr. Erin Moore, was a great success. Sixty-three people attended, including representatives of 23 different NET teams from around the city.
  • Next regular meeting: Tue, July 19 2016 10-11:30am
    Jeff Morris Fire Museum, SE Belmont & 35th Ave

Sunnyside Prepared Meeting Notes – May 17 2016

  • Five attendees
  • We met at Sunnyside Environmental School which is Sunnyside NET’s primary staging area, to perform a walk-around and assess assets and liabilities, then debriefed at the Jeff Morris Fire Museum. For reasons of security, the details of our assesment will be incorporated into the Sunnyside NET Ops Plan, but not posted publicly. We appreciate SES’s continued collaboration, and applaud the parents and administrators who make it possible.
  • Special event: Magnitude 7.9 Nepal Earthquake: The Firsthand Experience of Dr. Erin Moore
    Tue, June 21, 2016 at 7-9 pm Click for more info and to register (free)
  • Next regular meeting: Tue, July 19 2016 10-11:30am
    Jeff Morris Fire Museum, SE Belmont & 35th Ave

Sunnyside Prepared Meeting Notes – Apr 19 2016

  • Nine attendees, three attended for the first time.
  • Sunnyside Neighborhood Association update
    • At its regular meeting Apr 14 the board happily approved $450 of our $1,209 budget request for the period of May-Nov 2016. The balance will be addressed at a future meeting once board members have had more time to examine our proposals.
    • SNA board elections: May 12 7:30-9pm
  • Stephanie and Holly debriefed us about Sunnyside Environmental School’s first parent-child reunification drill on Apr 29. Details are not being posted publicly here, for obvious security reasons. Suffice to say that it went well and much was learned. We look forward to continued – and expanded – collaboration with SES PTSA.
  • We continued our Map Your Neighborhood discussion by conducting an interview exercise to practice talking with our neighbors. A one-page form for this process will be posted to our website.
    (Jan is investigating potential opportunities to integrate Map Your Neighborhood with the SNA newsletter distribution team and ONI/Crime Prevention.)
  • Welcome to our newly trained NETs, Jan and Ingrid!
  • Volunteer opportunities
    • Jun 21, 6-9:30pm at our special event, 7.9M Nepal Earthquake: The Firsthand Experience of Dr. Erin Moore
    • Aug 21, 11a-7p, Sunday Parkways Southeast, in conjunction with PBEM
    • Aug 28, 11a-7p, Hawthorne Street Fair.
    • Sep 10, 11a-7p, Belmont Street Fair. The SNA board generously gives us their booth, so it’s important that we staff the table sufficiently. It’s a great opportunity to meet the public – who are always appreciative of our work.
  • Next meeting: Tue, May 17 2016 10-11:30am
    Special exercise: We will meet at Sunnyside Environmental School, which is Sunnyside NET’s primary staging area, to perfrom a walk-around and assess assets and liabilities. Real-world stuff. We hope you’ll join us. Afterward we will debrief at Jeff Morris Fire Museum, SE Belmont & 35th.

Sunnyside Prepared Meeting Notes – Mar 15 2016

  • Twelve attendees. Three joined us for the first time
  • Committee co-chair Jan led us in an interactive exercise using FEMA’s Earthquake Home Hazard Hunt large-format poster. This is a great tool for outreach because it provides many quick, inexpensive steps that anyone can take to secure their property and improve their safety. We have laminated home and school versions available for loan upon request; they’re too large to print at home. (Thanks to the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association for funding printing of the posters.)
  • Our Southeast Uplift Community Small Grant proposal did not make the cut. But that’s OK! Proposals for $83K were made for a pool of $23K, and the grants that were selected are excellent.
  • Active NETs were invited by Holly to participate in Sunnyside Environmental School’s first parent-child reunification drill. (Not open to public participation for obvious security reasons.)
  • Tip of the month, from Holly: Establish a way to leave notes for your family and neighbors at your home after an emergency, in case you need to leave. Consider a small whiteboard, paper and pen in a plastic baggie — something waterproof that you can stash in an established outdoor location and update for each other when other communication methods are unavailable.
  • Next meeting: Tue Apr 19, 2016 7-8:30pm
    Southeast Uplift, Fireside Room
    3534 SE Main St
    RSVP appreciated, but not required