Act Now for Climate Emergency on April 6th

Two years ago, the Portland City Council declared a climate emergency, but has little concrete to show yet in terms of either actual reductions or policies to reduce carbon emissions. Extinction Rebellion PDX and others will hold an action in the late afternoon of April 6th to demand that the City enact a plan for annual concrete steps towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 5-10% annually given the dire nature of the most recent International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report.  

This action will take place in conjunction with the global Scientists’ Rebellion. We are calling on local scientists to both join us and speak out, so please help us spread the word! This action will involve scientists and climate activists outside both Portland City Hall and the Portland Business Alliance office with a short march in between the two buildings. We will be stressing that the City needs to take stronger substantive actions and that the Portland Business Alliance needs to stop blocking City efforts to reduce emissions and stop attacking the Portland Clean Energy Fund, the Portland Clean Air Protection Program, and other climate initiatives. This action on April 6th is in conjunction with organizing testimony to the City on their budget priorities for the next two years in terms of climate resiliency and emissions reductions. If you are interested in joining, helping or learning more, please email info@xrpdx.

Diane Meisenhelter