Requesting Support for the PBOT Traffic Calming Program

The issue of street safety comes up at the Mount Tabor Neighborhood Association (MTNA) meetings on a regular basis but our group does not have many tools to offer neighbors in slowing vehicle traffic on their streets. Speed bumps are a proven traffic calming roadway treatment. On the streets in our neighborhood where speed bumps are present, traffic speeds are lower and conditions safer. In 2018, our neighbors successfully installed speed bumps on Thornburn Street and it has had a measurable impact on making the street safer.  

PBOT is considering reinstating the traffic calming program whereby residents can self-fund speed bumps in their neighborhoods. MTNA encourages the city to take the necessary steps to reinstate this valuable program. Our neighborhood association would appreciate knowing about other opportunities to support this and other programs that can help make our streets safer. We hope that SNA will join us in this effort. I will be making a presentation at the January 2022 meeting, so please attend if this issue is of interest or concern.

Josh Roll

PBOT's Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Author: Josh Roll

PBOT's Pedestrian Advisory Committee