Emergency Preparedness

It’s Saturday, December 11, 2021 and the weather outside is rainy and windy with all sorts of alerts, watches and warnings beeping on my cell phone. And, an email request for possible standby deployment in case of power outages and downed power lines. And, a reminder for NETs (Portland Neighborhood Emergency Team members) to check on our street drains and bioswales to keep them free of debris. And that was just in the past 24 hours!

In addition, there are NET volunteers working on a daily basis year-round to connect with neighbors around emergency preparedness, volunteer at vaccination clinics and help out at shelters set-up during weather extremes both hot and cold weather. 

In order to do our work safely we are trained and can opt to receive additional training (currently online) so that we are prepared for deployments. Since COVID began, more city and county agencies are asking for NET volunteers and hundreds of volunteers have put in thousands of hours.

You do not need to be trained to be of service to your neighbors in Sunnyside. What tools, skill sets, and training do you have to help others? Do you know who your neighbors are? Have you talked to them about preparedness?

What steps towards preparedness are you willing and able to take during the winter months?

Questions? Comments? Need support in getting prepared? I have the time and the resources to support you. Email me at [email protected]

Jan S. Molinaro

Co-Chair, Sunnyside Prepared!

Author: Jan S. Molinaro

Co-Chair, Sunnyside Prepared!