2 thoughts on “Board Elections – May 12!”

  1. I trust the Community Alliance of Tenants actually took time to testified on HB 4133 — MFI 60%, and more importantly when SB 1533 — MFI 80%. What troubles me is knowing Property Managers sign 12-month rentals leases with tenants’ incomes closer to 80% than those households earning 0-30%, earning minimum wage. Did I fail to mention the ORS allowing Owners to increase their rents by 25% annually. Tenants have Commissioner Dan Saltzman to thank for attempting to cap rental increases at 5%, and give 90 day notices for no-cause evictions. I hope CAT guest speakers are prepared to help us understand the terms MFI % in relation to “affordable” housing here in Sunnyside.

  2. I believe that CAT did organize testimony for those bills.

    CAT spoke with our membership last year (2015). This year (2016) we do not have a guest speaker or program set for the elections.

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