SNA EP NET Meeting Notes – Oct 20 2015

Notes from SNA EP NET Committee meeting 10/20/15, 10am-12pm at Hawthorne Hostel (12 attendees)

The Committee will apply for a Southeast Uplift grant, likely to create a free “tour of prepared homes”.  The tour would enable SEUL residents to see the steps others have taken to prepare for emergencies, from seismic retrofitting to bulk water storage.

The SouthEast Portland Tool Library is also applying for a grant to conduct seismic retrofitting workshops, and to procure the necessary tools. If both grants are approved, we will cross-promote with SEPTL.

OK/HELP window signs should be available from PBEM early next year.

Multnomah County Library is conducting a series of earthquake preparedness workshops, which several attendees endorsed as worthwhile.

Ann & Lee described their experience conducting a Map Your Neighborhood project. Their very interesting presentation led to a productive discussion that inspired others. MYN brochures are currently out-of-stock, but PBEM plans to have a new supply available early next year. This is a critical step to preparing your micro-neighborhood for emergencies of any kind.

Glenn C. Devitt