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  1. It is unfortunate that in the pages of June’s Sunnyside Community newsletter, Reuben Deumling promotes more than sustainability. Prominently shown in a photo, Mr. Deumling is wearing a campaign button promoting mayoral candidate jefferson Smith.
    Mr. Deumling leaves himself open to the charge that he is actively promoting Smith’s candidacy in the pages of a city government supported newsletter. It is wrong and an apology should be printed in the next newsletter.

  2. Jeff,

    I hear where you are coming from and appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I am the editor of the newsletter and I take responsibility for the fact that the photo was included–and the button legible. But let me explain how this came about. The article and photo were submitted by Bryan Brumley. I wouldn’t have thought to run a photo of myself in the newsletter, but didn’t think to ask him for a different photo as we normally run photos that are very small, if we even have room for photos that are submitted at all. This past month, one of our articles didn’t make it by the deadline and to avoid blank space our layout team decided at the last minute to enlarge the photo you see in the newsletter. It was, in other words, a confluence of factors that allowed the button I am wearing in the photo to even be legible. I will try to not let this happen again.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Reuben Deumling

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