Help Choose Our Sunnyside Neighborhood Sign

By Heather Wilson, SNA Board Member


SNA sign entry #2

SNA Sign No. 3


We are thrilled to have three finalists in our neighborhood sign competition.  The southwest corner of SE Stark St. and 33rd Ave has been designated as a welcome point into the Sunnyside Neighborhood.  When Laurelhurst Village expanded their facility, they set aside a space for a sign, in addition to the ground for the Blair Community Garden. Currently the spot is bare with two lonely posts awaiting cheerful signage. Our requirements were to include the text ‘Sunnyside Neighborhood, Proud Past, Bright Future’ and feature a sunflower.

The first is from John Fell.  His submission is a carved wood sign featuring a horizon of rooftops and a cluster of sunflowers

The second is from John Chandler, owner of Oblique Coffee Roasters on SE Stark St.  His sign would be made from reclaimed Douglas fir. You can see examples of his work at his café.

The third is SNA board member Bill Stites of Stites Design. Bill’s entry is mixed media of wood and metal with a rotating sunflower.

We thank these artisans for their submissions and we look forward to having one of these creations grace our neighborhood.  All entries were viewed at our February general meeting and can be viewed at our website XXX.  The neighborhood will vote on our winner at our March general meeting on Thursday, March, 8th at 7:00 PM.  Please join us and vote for your favorite!


3 thoughts on “Help Choose Our Sunnyside Neighborhood Sign”

  1. Entry #1 I find difficult to read…the last letter “d” hard to read, & letter “e” at end seems too large.
    Entry #2 – I’d like to SEE what the actual sign would look like
    Entry #3 – my computer shows NOTHING…no image of this sign.

  2. Hey, so sorry you’ve had difficulty checking out the sign images. I’ve resaved them in a different format that hopefully you will be able to view. Online comments, however, will not count in the voting process. Please come to our monthly meeting next Thursday at Southeast Uplift to view the submissions, meet the potential artists and to vote for your favorite. Thanks for your interest!

  3. I like sign #1. Didn’t see a picture of #2. But loved the leaves shaping the word Sunnyside and best of all the big Sunflowers!

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