Plant Trees Now!

Attention all Tree Lovers:

On Friday, a truckload of mostly fruit trees and mostly native shrubs was donated to SES.  THANK YOU ANONYMOUS DONOR!  They are bare root trees/shrubs, and so we want to get them into your hands as soon as possible to be planted in your yards.  We will be selling the trees and shrubs on Monday morning from 8:30 – 9:30 am and Monday and Wednesday from 2:30 – 3:30 on the SES playground, near the covered garden storage area.  Proceeds will go toward the Marine Biology trips.

The following is a rough list of what we have on hand.  Shop early for best selection!


Sensation Lilac, and pink lilac – about 8
Snowberry – 30-40 plants
Forsythia – 6 plants
Coral Twig Dogwood – 20 plants
Bailey red twig dog wood – 20



semi dwarf red delicious apple – 20
Semi dwarf red jonathan apple – 1
semi dwarf yellow transparent apple – 1
burbank plum – semi dwarf
ultra dwarf bartlett pear – 8
semi dwarf gold apricot – 1

Cistena flowering plum – 20 – tree or shrub?
Lodi Apple – semi dwarf – 2-3

Various other single variety cherry trees

4 way cherry tree – with different varieties grafted – 6

combination apple – with different varieties grafted – 5


Weeping pussy willow – 6

snow fountain weeping cherry – 5


Forest pansy redbud – 5 trees – these are about 6 feet tall
Espaliered apple trees with multiple varieties of apple – about 8
Espaliered cherry trees with multiple varieties of cherry – about 2

I’m sure people will have many questions about the trees.  We will not really be able to answer them.  The only information we have is what is on the label.  Some trees are marked dwarf or semi-dwarf, but that is all we know about them.  All fruit trees have the variety marked.  Some of the apples and cherries have multiple varieties on different branches.  If you have questions about the trees, you may want to do your own research before you come.



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