Holiday Lights on Peacock Lane

The tradition continues on Peacock Lane; four blocks of historic homes adorned with lights for for the holidays.  The festivities begin December 15th with our annual PEDESTRIAN ONLY night.  Lights are on every night December 15th to 31st from 6pm to 11pm.  Lights stay on until midnight December 24th and 31st.  Cocoa and Cider will be provided for donations nightly until the 24th.  As residents, we really enjoy our pedestrian only night and look forward to adding more of them.  I think the experience is better having the whole street to wander, with no fumes, less noise, no cars!

Because we barricade the street at Stark and Belmont, we need volunteers on the 15th from 6pm to 11pm.  The volunteers are there to move the barricades in case of emergency.  Any happy soul willing to brave whatever weather comes please contact [email protected]. We are also on Facebook.

We encourage everyone to use Tri-Met to get to Peacock Lane!  We are just a block away from the #15 and #75 bus lines.  Please do not park at Walgreen’s while visiting the lights.  Their parking lot is reserved for the use of their customers.  They had some ugly incidents last year – please, please everyone remember that this is a season of joy, giving, kindness, that includes parking lots!

I think that should work, thanks again.


PS I also say car-free every day!  You wouldn’t believe the noise level on the busy nights, it is crazy and frankly unsafe for pedestrians.


2 thoughts on “Holiday Lights on Peacock Lane”

  1. We’re so glad to hear that the tradition continues. However the Peacock Lane website makes it look like nothing is happening this year! There’s nothing but a 2009 schedule.

    Can somebody in charge update it so that people will know that it’s still “on?”

    The site that has not been updated is:

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