Neighbors work together for public safety

A true story, from neighbor Mary Ann.

As kids were leaving school at Sunnyside today, Mary Ann and I were walking my dogs past the corner at 35th and Yamhill. A hostile drunk with an open brown bag container was yelling profanity at some of  the many kids and parents on bikes and foot passing by there at the corner by the church. Mary Ann yelled back at him to watch his mouth around the kids. He started shouting profanity back at her for interfering and at us for walking dogs. I called 911 and reported it as an aggressive drunk with an open container. We continued down Yamhill, as did he. As we got to 34th, he started around toward Belmont, but then came back and continued on Yamhill. He started yelling at us again, threatening us and my dogs. I called 911 again and reported that the same guy was being threatening. The report was taken, the cops responded and the guy was arrested. I’m very glad to see an alcohol related complaint taken and responded to. Please pass along thanks to dispatch and the police bureau and all involved.

A response from Commissioner Fritz:

Thank you for telling me about this incident. I will pass along your kudos to the Bureau of Emergency Communication. Thank you to you and Mary Ann for your good citizenship.



Amanda Fritz

Commissioner, City of Portland

Yes, it takes a village to raise a child. Katie and I have done our very best to invite the Sunnyside Environmental Teachers and Playground parents to do the same — call 9-1-1 — with the individuals description, how tall, color hair, clothing, and shoes, if carrying a brown paper bag. Please note, this occurred on Monday, not on Wednesday, or on Friday when the Sunnyside United Methodist Church prepare evening meals to the hungry. My fears for Katie? This guy not know which house was hers: therefore, we stayed standing on the sidewalk a few minutes — long after he was out of sight.

Good citizenship is simply “neighborhood watch” in action.



A response from Sarah Taylor, Principal Sunnyside Environmental School:

Thanks everyone,

These things are very stressful when thy happen at recess or during the school day but we call 911 too.





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