Hawthorne Safeway Remodel Meeting

From Kevin Caplener, HBBA

Below is a message from a neighbor of the Safeway on Hawthorne. They have organized a meeting this Thursday at 6:30 to discuss the new store going in. It will be at the library of Hosford Middle School, 2303 SE 28th and anyone is welcome to come:

This is Mike Rogoway, a resident of Southeast Clay Street. I’m working with HAND and our neighbors to organize Thursday night’s meeting with Safeway and the city of Portland to discuss the company’s proposal for a new Hawthorne store.
I know my last note went out on the HBBA mailing list, but I wanted to ensure your members know we now have a places, as well as a date, for the meeting.
It’s at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, October 28 in the library of Hosford Middle School, 2303 SE 28th Place.
We’re working to ensure the new store is a plus for the area and that it fits with the character of Hawthorne and the residential neighborhood.
We’d love to have you there, and as many of your members as would like to attend. If you or your members have additional questions or comments, please pass them along — or they can contact me directly.
Thanks so much,
Mike Rogoway
SE Clay Street



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