Homelessness Issues Workgroup

At the November Board meeting, members voted to form a workgroup on houselessness (used interchangeably here with homelessness) issues.

As a contributor to the workgroup, I personally have no preconceived expectations about the role that SNA might have in homelessness issues. I have no expertise in sociology, economics, public policy, or any other field that might qualify one to recommend actions in dealing with poverty. But there is obviously still work to be done to alleviate suffering among the houseless members of our community, and all that’s required to join the conversation is a bit of compassion and empathy. Continue reading “Homelessness Issues Workgroup”

Sunnyside Community House

A cornerstone near the corner of SE 35th and Yamhill Streets tells an old story which, until recently, could have been headed for an unfortunate ending. But now there is hope that the cornerstone will instead soon become the inspiration for a new story stretching well into the future of Sunnyside neighborhood. Continue reading “Sunnyside Community House”