Are You Ready to Vote?

Are you ready to cast your vote in the next election?
The 2020 US elections are coming up on November 3rd.  In addition to the Presidential election, there are many local, regional, state candidates and measures to consider. Are you ready?

Are you registered to vote?
Visit My Vote to:

  • check if you are registered to vote
  • view your voter registration information
  • update your voter registration (be sure your address is correct!)

The deadline to register to vote is October 13th, 2020.
Ballots will be mailed out by October 20, 2020

What if you don’t receive your ballot?
If your ballot arrives damaged, you make a mistake, spill something, lose your ballot, or for any other reason, contact your county elections office for a replacement ballot. In Multnomah County, contact:
Tim Scott, Director of Elections
1040 S.E. Morrison St.
Portland, OR 97214-2417
503-988-3720/ TTY 800-735-2900
Fax: 503-988-3719
[email protected]

How to return your ballot?
The most dependable way to return your ballot is to drop it in a designated Drop Off Site, including all branches of the Multnomah County Library.

Drop Box Locator (this link will be updated 20 days before Nov. 3 election)

If you must mail your ballot, get it in as soon as possible and check My Vote to be sure it is received.