Inner Eastside For All

The Sunnyside Neighborhood Association has been asked to sign onto a letter supporting the rezoning of Sunnyside and other eastside neighborhoods to allow for more multi-family housing. The group requesting our support, Portland: Neighbors Welcome, is a volunteer organization that advocates for housing abundance and tenants’ advocacy. The “Inner Eastside for All” concept proposes to re-legalize a broader range of housing types, up to multi-family mixed-use buildings throughout the Inner Eastside beyond transit corridors. The suggested boundaries for this rezone run from SE 12th out to 60th and from NE Fremont down to Powell Blvd. According to the letter, “Rezoning to allow additional mixed-use and multifamily buildings in large parts of the district will serve many more residents and allow many more homes within several blocks of shops and transit,” and the “vision is for the Inner Eastside to achieve a more equitable version of the NW Alphabet District: a dynamic, walkable
neighborhood with a mix of mid-sized apartment buildings, single-family homes, and every type in-between, well-served by transit, and with commercial centers, corner stores, and shared neighborhood spaces.” Matt Tuckerbaum from Portland: Neighbors Welcome will be at our March meeting to tell us more about this proposed concept.

Eric Miller